Window on the World


The kick-off for WOW 2019 includes a symposium sponsored by the College of Business Globalization Committee.

Date: Friday, April 3, 2020
Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Location: Johnson Hall Auditorium on Tennessee Tech’s campus
Guest Speaker: John Germ
Topic: “International Service and Volunteerism: Opportunities & Challenges”

Topics From Past Years

2019 Go Before It’s Gone: A travel Bucket List, Courtesy of Climate Change
2018 An Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin, and CryptoEconomics
2017 Globalization: The end or a new beginning?
2016 Global Issues on Healthcare
2015 Solutions for a Sustainable World
2014 Global Markets and Local Growth
2013 Creating Employment Opportunities in Tennessee: Insourcing Jobs to TN
2012 Volkswagen-Managing Human Capital
2011 The Middle East Now
2010 Development Issues in West Africa
2009 The US Role in a Changing Global Order
2008 US-Iran Relations
2007 Global Climate – A Personal Call to Action
2006 Global Volunteerism
2005 World Foods: Beyond the Kitchen
2004 Tennessee Tech Goes Abroad
2003 International Language of Dance
2002 Slow Dance with the Planet
2001 Globalization: Debates and Perspectives
2000 Latin America in the 21st Century

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