CommStudies Degree Requirements

Communication Studies 

Beginning with Fall 2017, the 120-hour curriculum leading to the B.S. degree in Communication consists of 63 credit hours (30 hours in major core and 33 hours in speech concentration).


Minor in Communication Studies Curriculum

A minor of 15 hours, including COMM 2025 or PC2500 and at least 6 upper division hours, is recommended to all students who want to improve their communication effectiveness. For majors in Business, Education, Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science, the Communication Minor is an excellent choice as it can enhance their ability to relate to others and will increase their chances for employment.

Minor in Communication Studies


The Communication Studies program focuses on communication in its various forms and how it affects the interactions of individuals, groups, and organizations. Our courses in Interpersonal, Group, Persuasion, Public Speaking, Visual, and Intercultural Communication provide strategies for generating and delivering effective messages.

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