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Comm Studies

Effective Communication Skills

The need for effective communication skills is a national trend. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills frequently rank in employers' top ten list of most-desired skills (Job Outlook 2021 Report).

Speaking and listening skills are ranked as the top criteria on the basis of which business managers make hiring decisions for college graduates. From leadership skills to the ability to be a team player, the world of business places great emphasis on the ability of its workforce to effectively communicate. In the marketplace of ideas, the person who communicates clearly is also the person who is seen as thinking clearly. Effective and ethical communication skills are essential to a personal, academic, and professional success.

Improving Your Communication Skills

The Communication Studies program at Tennessee Technological University is designed to meet students’ needs for developing and improvement of communication skills in virtually all kinds of speaking situations. Communication Studies as an academic field focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Curriculum includes courses in interpersonal communication, group and parliamentary procedure, organizational communication, rhetoric and public argument, communication theory, persuasion, and intercultural communication. The speech team, the speech contest, and the debate team offer opportunities for public presentation of their skills.

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