Communication Studies Program

This curriculum consists of 120-hours leading to the B.S. degree in Communication with 63 credit hours (30 hours in major core and 33 hours in speech concentration).

communication studies Degree Requirements

The Communication Studies program at Tennessee Technological University is designed to meet students’ needs for developing and improvement of communication skills in virtually all kinds of speaking situations. Communication Studies as an academic field focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Curriculum includes courses in interpersonal communication, group and parliamentary procedure, organizational communication, rhetoric and public argument, communication theory, persuasion, and intercultural communication. The speech team, the speech contest, and the debate team offer opportunities for public presentation of their skills.

Minor in Communication Studies Curriculum

A minor of 15 hours, including COMM 2025 or PC2500 and at least 6 upper division hours, is recommended to all students who want to improve their communication effectiveness. For majors in Business, Education, Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science, the Communication Minor is an excellent choice as it can enhance their ability to relate to others and will increase their chances for employment.

Communication Studies Minor

Obtaining a degree in communication studies offers numerous benefits and opportunities for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding and proficiency in interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication. This field of study equips students with a diverse set of skills and knowledge, allowing them to effectively navigate and succeed in today's interconnected world. Communication studies programs provide a comprehensive education in various communication theories, research methods, and practical skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and persuasive writing. With a degree in communication studies, graduates can pursue a wide range of career paths in fields such as public relations, marketing, journalism, human resources, advertising, and media production. Moreover, the degree cultivates strong interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to analyze and interpret information, making communication studies graduates highly valued professionals in our rapidly evolving global society.


The Communication Studies program focuses on communication in its various forms and how it affects the interactions of individuals, groups, and organizations. Our courses in Interpersonal, Group, Persuasion, Public Speaking, Visual, and Intercultural Communication provide strategies for generating and delivering effective messages.

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