How to Become a Sponsor of WTTU

Who is WTTU 88.5 FM and why should you become a sponsor

WTTU 88.5 FM is Tennessee Tech’s student-run radio station serving not only TTU but also the Upper Cumberland. Our goal at WTTU is simple. We offer Tech students a platform for whatever music they want to play or whatever they want to say. We don’t have any hidden agendas. Whether your opinion is right, left, up, down, apple, or banana, if you have the drive to make your voice heard, we’ll give you a platform. Unfortunately, the funding for our noble endeavor has been waning over the past few semesters.

That’s where you enter the picture, wonderful potential sponsor! We need your help!

In addition to the charitable sensation you get by becoming a WTTU sponsor, you gain access to all WTTU listeners. Our listeners have three different ways to listen to WTTU:

1. Tune the radio dial to 88.5 FM

2. Stream us live on the Internet:

    • To listen, copy this address into your browser:
    • Then hit enter and watch for a pop-up screen

3. Tune in on channel 72 in any of the residential halls

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, please scroll down and we will discuss the different ways you can become a WTTU sponsor!

• Proposition 1
With Prop 1, you would be sponsoring one hour of rotation programming Monday through Friday, during which, acknowledgment of your sponsorship and 60 seconds will be allowed for a message provided by you (the time can be divided up into 30 second or 15 second slots if preferred and multiple messages can be played). During rotation programming, the format of the station is college/alternative rock in addition to requests from the listeners. Hours for this proposition are limited to 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

• Proposition 2
By choosing Prop 2, you will become a sponsor of one of the specialty shows, of your choosing, on the station. These are weekly shows and acknowledgment of your sponsorship will be read at the top of each hour during the show. In addition, 60 seconds will be allowed for a message provided by you (the time can be divided up into 30 second or 15 second slots if preferred and multiple messages can be played). The format of these shows varies significantly as the DJ chooses what types of music will be played or if the hour will be a talk show. You can find a listing of all our currently scheduled shows at the back of the packet, with more coming in the fall semester. Specialty shows generally begin at 4 p.m. every day and continue late into the night.

• Proposition 3
If you choose Prop 3, you will become a sponsor of our twice daily (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) news broadcast. At the beginning of the broadcasts (one in the morning and one in the evening), our News/Sports Director will acknowledge your sponsorship and play a brief message, provided by you. The newscast covers all the happenings from around the world, right down to your neighborhood here in the Upper Cumberland.

• Proposition 4
Prop 4 is the PURPLE package and the first of our two major packages. The first piece of this package includes Prop 1 but instead of just one hour a week, your name and message will be announced during EVERY hour of rotation programming. Second, you get a 60-second commercial during every automated DJ hour (automated DJ is when we do not have a live DJ in the booth and we use an automated program to play our programming). You can either provide a commercial for us or we can work with you to produce a commercial. Third, you will receive additional recognition at any of our special events, which in the past, have ranged from broadcasting the Tech Basketball games to DJing campus events including the Week of Welcome. Finally, note of your sponsorship will be made on our website and select promotional materials, including station T-shirts.

• Proposition 5
Our final proposition, Prop 5, is the GOLD package. As with the PURPLE package, your sponsorship of this proposition encompasses many facets. First, you will receive Prop 2, but instead of just one show, your name and message will be read on EVERY show. Second, the GOLD package includes Prop 3. Third, you get a 60-second sponsorship acknowledgment slot during each of the automated DJ hours. As with the PURPLE package, you can either provide a commercial or we will gladly work with you to produce one. Finally with the GOLD package, you will receive additional acknowledgment at special events, on our web site and on select promotional materials as with the PURPLE package.

Those are the five propositions we offer at WTTU. You can find a listing of prices here with special discounts and offers listed below.

  • If you want to sponsor a specific proposition for a period of time not listed on the Grant-in-Aid form, we will gladly offer you the amount of time requested at the previous rate. For example, if you wanted to sponsor Prop 1 for seven weeks, you can at the six-week rate (or $40 per week in this case).
  • When you agree to sponsor any of the propositions for a full-academic semester, we will continue the sponsorship into the first month of the corresponding break (winter or summer) for free! If you sponsor both semesters for an academic year, we will continue the sponsorship through the entire summer break at no cost.
  • All TTU campus organizations and groups receive a 25% discount on all sponsorships.
  • Discounts are negotiable for sponsorship of multiple propositions.
  • Sponsorships of specific features of WTTU, such as the request line, are available by special request.
  • We know having a large chunk of money on hand is tough, so payment of sponsorships in installments is available and welcomed. Monthly or weekly payments are available to you and can be negotiated for a specified amount of time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about WTTU and if you are interested in any of the opportunities we have to offer, please contact Devin Connelly, 931-372-3060, 931-372-6225 (Fax), or by mail at:

Box 5113
Cookeville, TN 38505-0001

Here is a selection of show of the shows that have been featured during previous semesters. We plan to add new shows to the list this semester.

Outdoors Galore – Focusing on the outdoors, Rebecca Cypcar will talk about nearly every facet of an active, outdoor lifestyle. In addition to intellectual debates of nature, Rebecca will further charm your ears with the stylings of Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, Spoon, and many more.

The Phil Davis Show – Jump into a time machine and take ride with Phil Davis as he revives the music of not just any generation, but the greatest generation. Phil pays tribute to every detail of the era, right down to vintage radio commercials. Let the big band sounds of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, and many others take you back to a simpler time in the world.

Teacher on the Radio – Hosted by English professor Andy Smith, ‘Teacher on the Radio’ offers an eclectic two hours of enlightened and inspired programming. Changing the theme of the show each week, Andy has built one of the station’s most devoted fan bases.

Ears Open - Kevin O'Connor


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