Using Classroom Technology

Download the Using Classroom Technology User Guide 

Turning on the Teaching Station Technology

When you walk in a room, you will either see a button panel or a touch panel on the podium. In each room there is a computer (PC) on the teaching station along with other technology.

Button Panel 

Touch Panel 

Select the Power button in the upper left corner. Touch anywhere on the screen to power on the system.
Computer-Power-On-Button Classroom touch panel on image

Using the PC on the Teaching Station 

Once you have powered on the system, login to the computer on the teaching station using your Tennessee Tech credentials.

Button Panel 

Touch Panel 

Select the PC button.
NOTE: Depending on the model, the PC button may be the second from the left on the top row. 
Select the PC button.
Classroom Tech- PC Button Teaching Station Touch Panel PC Option Image

Using Your Laptop

If you would like to use your laptop to present, first, power on the system.

Connect your Laptop to the Docking Station

Select the connector cable from the Docking Station and connect it to your laptop. The cable is easy to spot because it has an adapter attached that can convert the USB-C connection to standard USB-3.0 ports for use with devices that don't have a free USB-C port.

Image of classroom docking station Image of USB and USB-C cord ports.

Button Panel 

Touch Panel 

Select the HDMI or Laptop HDMI button on the panel.
NOTE: Depending on the model this button may also be located in a different place on the panel. 
Select the Laptop HDMI button
Image of laptop button on panel Image of touch screen laptop button option

NOTE: The laptop button will be some combination of Laptop and/or HDMI on the different control panels.

Switch the USB and Devices to the Laptop

When using a laptop, you will want to make sure the correct device is selected on the USB switcher (shown below). There will be an A (Laptop) and a B (PC) with a small blue light signifying which is selected.

By doing this, it will connect your laptop to any USB devices connected to the teaching station (for example: IPEVO document camera, Polycom video camera, external DVD player, USB Hub, and others) so you can use them with your laptop. While most rooms are standard, some may have different hardware available.

Image of USB switch option

  • My Apple Device is Still Not Showing

    You may need to install the DisplayLink driver (this is especially common for devices running macOS that are not managed by Tennessee Tech).

    If you are using a personal computer, you can download and install the DisplayLink driver.

    1. Launch the DisplayLink Manager from the Applications folder.
    2. Agree to allow DisplayLink Manager software access to screen recording.
      1. System Preferences - Security & Privacy, select the Privacy tab, check the box next to DisplayLink Manager under Screen Recording.
    3. Right-click on the toolbar icon and set DisplayLink Manager to launch upon login. This will allow you to connect to the dock easier next time.

    Learn more about installing DisplayLink Manager on a Mac.

    If you are using a Tech device, it should be installed. If not, please check the Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac).

Additional Assistance

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Having technical issues?

If you are experiencing any problems using the classroom technology, call the HelpDesk at (931) 372-3975.

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If you need training or assistance learning how to integrate the different technology into your teaching, contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) by emailing or call (931) 372-3675.


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