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Lightboards allow you to use write on a whiteboard, while also being able to record your lecture and format it in a better way for student viewing. The lightboard allows you to face students, while also allowing you to write like you regularly would on a whiteboard, but then it can be flipped so students can view it.

Our lightboard studio services include the use of the lightboard, professional lighting, and recording equipment. Lightboard studio services are a free service provided to all Tennessee Tech faculty and staff. You can book your Lightboard Studio session using the Book Now button below. 

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Library Room 113C inside the CITL (Room 117) 

Lightboard Recordings can be used for: 

  • Flipped Model classes 
  • Supplemental Material 
  • Reviewing Material 
  • Deeper Explanations 
  • Online course material 
  • Online recorded lectures 

Lightboard Studio Session Services Include: 

  • 1 hour lightboard recording window including a practice time
  • HD filming with lighting, camera, and studio space. 
  • Minimal editing done by the CITL staff. 
  • Auto-generated captions based on media storage system. 


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