Tech Spirit Days

July 31 - August 25, 2023

Tech Pride Sign in front of Fearless Falls.

For Tech Spirit Days each year, the Office of Communications & Marketing has a new "Tech Spirit" yard sign. You can pick up your purple and gold spirit signs at the following locations: RUC Information Desk, Alumni Building, University Bookstore and the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

What are Tech Spirit Days?

Tech Spirit Days was developed to enhance what was already growing in our community and on our campus — enthusiasm and excitement for a wonderful partnership. Cookeville is Tennessee's college town! This program provides a mutually beneficial way for Tennessee Tech to support the businesses and citizens of our surrounding communities by recognizing and honoring the spirit they proudly display for THEIR hometown university. What better way to welcome new and returning students and faculty each year than to introduce them to the companies and the people who support them?

When are Tech Spirit Days scheduled?

Tech Spirit Days are typically scheduled each fall, two weeks before classes start and ending on the first home football game. Events are often planned throughout those weeks, on and off campus. 

Who should participate in Tech Spirit Days?

Everyone! You, your neighbors or your friends should participate. Even the guy you don't really know but wave to once in a while. Tech Spirit Days isn't just for alumni or students. It's for everyone who lives in Putnam County and our surrounding communities. And it's for those who live hundreds of miles away but still hold a special place in their hearts for Tennessee Tech University.

What can I do to participate?

Show your Tennessee Tech Spirit! Put up yard signs. Hang banners. Wear purple and gold. Display Tech memorabilia. Visit campus. Attend sporting events, concerts and other special activities. Become involved in some of the many community-oriented groups and activities on campus. Your support makes a difference!

If you own a business in town, decorate with purple and gold to create your own display. Put Tennessee Tech Spirit up on your marquee. Consider offering a discount to anyone wearing purple and gold or any Tech clothing or merchandise. Businesses can become a Tech Spirit Partner (for FREE)! Once signed up, we'll provide you spirit signs and list your discount on the university website. We'll encourage campus constituents to visit and shop at your businesses. Click here for more information.

Where do I get my Tech Spirit stuff?

Yard signs are available at the following locations: the University Bookstore, Tech Alumni Building, RUC Information Desk, and the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce in the Leslie Town Centre. Maybe you'd like to buy Tennessee Tech shirts for your family or employees — stop by the University Bookstore for all the latest Tech styles and promotional items. If you haven't visited in a while, plan to be amazed. Also, check out gift and clothing items our Perk Partners offer.

Why should I show Tech Spirit?

Because Tennessee Tech is proud of you. Our surrounding communities are one of the key selling points for Tech. When we talk to prospective students, we tell them about the hometown, friendly atmosphere of our communities. We talk about the warm, caring and safe environments; the amazing cultural aspects; and the wonderful parks and naturally scenic beauty of our region. But we also stress the support we get from our communities and the people who live here. Students get good feelings about being welcomed into our communities by the people who live here. Show everyone why Cookeville is Tennessee's top college town!

Where do I go for more information?

Call the Office of Communications & Marketing at (931) 372-3214 or email