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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Tennessee Tech’s chemical engineering graduate program combines scholarship and research with advanced course work, providing excellent opportunities for graduate students to work towards solving some of the many global challenges faced by society. 

As a graduate student in chemical engineering at Tech, you will find an interdisciplinary research environment, a welcoming atmosphere and inclusive faculty who champion your work. Their relationships with colleagues across disciplines, Tech’s Centers of Excellence, other leading institutions and national laboratories have built a unique and effective environment for graduate student research, learning and well-rounded training.

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering is administered by the Department of Chemical Engineering, which also offers a concentration in chemical engineering for the college-wide Ph.D. program. 


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Anchored by its very successful Biomolecular Engineering Concentration and faculty members with expertise in bio-related areas, the program has an excellent focus in biotechnology with a blend of experimental and computational modeling approaches. Research in a variety of chemical engineering challenges is sponsored by National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, Department of Defense and state and private sources, among others.


Research Focus Areas

  • protein engineering 
  • cancer research 
  • proteomics 
  • biomolecular medicine 
  • bioseparations  
  • materials, including cement, bio-gels, batteries and fuel cells, at both nano and molecular scales. 
  • environmental areas, including advanced oxidation and electrokinetics-based soil cleaning, among others.  

Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Association

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Association (CEGRA) serves graduate students in promoting chemical engineering graduate research and scholarship. CEGRA enriches student life for grad students by offering opportunities to network with faculty, staff, alumni, fellow graduate students and undergraduate students, and industry, as well by providing academic and social activities. 

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