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College of Engineering

Graduate Assistantships

Several teaching and research assistantships are available for highly qualified M.S. and Ph.D. applicants to the graduate programs in the College of Engineering.

Graduate research assistantships (GRA) are typically awarded annually and are renewable based on performance and availability of funds. Research assistantships for externally funded grants are specific to the project needs. The College of Engineering has three Centers of Excellence: Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC); Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR); and Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR), which also provide Graduate Research Assistantships. Graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) are based on the instructional needs of departments. All assistantship awards are competitive and require admission on a full standing. Continuation and renewal of assistantships are based on students maintaining good academic standing, satisfactory performance and availability of funds.

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Contact Robby Sanders, Ph.D., for GTA positions 

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Contact Benjamin Mohr, Ph.D., P.E. for GTA positions 

Computer Science (CSC)

Contact Gerald Gannod for GTA positions 

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Contact Allen MacKenzie, Ph.D. for available GTA positions

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Contact Mohan Rao, Ph.D. for GTA positions 

Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR)

Contact Satish M. Mahajan, Ph.D. for available GRA positions

Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR)

Contact Ying Zhang, Ph.D. for available GRA positions 

Cybersecurity Education, Research & Outreach Center (CEROC)

Contact Doug Talbert, Ph.D. for available GRA positions

For general information about graduate programs at Tennessee Tech University, please email or visit Graduate Studies Admissions webpageDepartmental websites provide additional information for the M.S. and Ph.D. program focus in each area.

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