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The Appalachian Center for Craft offers hands-on workshops on our campus nestled in the woods on Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tennessee. Throughout the summer participants may find workshops for a variety of skill levels in blacksmithing, clay, fibers, glass, metals and wood. Workshops are accessible to those who want to learn an entirely new skill as well as those who want to refine their existing skills. Artists from across the country and our own campus lead workshops in our professionally equipped studios throughout the summer. 

2024 Summer Workshops Now Open for Registration
Scroll down to see all of our workshop offerings, listed by studio category. Information regarding workshop registration, policies, discounts, schedules, room and board are listed below.

2024 Summer Workshop Schedule


2024 Workshops by Studio


  • Blacksmithing

    Blacksmithing Tongs and Tools - May 17 - 19, 2024
    Kevin Dotson

    Learn the fundamentals of forging at the anvil by making your own pair of flat bite tongs. Tongs are an extension of the blacksmith and an extremely important part of every forging process. We will cover a wide range of different types of tongs and what they would be used for. Each student will leave this workshop with the understanding of repetition, tong construction and their own pair of handmade tongs. Open to beginners. $50 material fee.

    Kevin Dotson has a BFA in Sculpture from The University of Florida and has his MFA in blacksmithing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

    blacksmith tongs


    Blacksmithing Basics - May 25, 2024

    Jay Replogle

    In this class participants will learn basic blacksmithing techniques by creating their own hooks for a coat rack or pot rack. They will also learn what it takes to set up a basic shop with tools and equipment, blacksmithing safety and fire management. This is a great workshop for beginners trying out blacksmithing for the first time and those with some experience who want to explore the craft more.

    Jay Replogle is an alumni of Tennessee Tech with a BFA in metalsmithing. He's a Journeyman Smith with the American Bladesmith Society with over 18 years of experience. His specialties include Bowie knives, kitchen knives, and hunting knives. He currently live in Sparta, Tennessee with his wife and two children. When not in the shop working on knives he enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, and a good book.

    hammer on anvil


    The Hunting Knife - May 31 - June 2, 2024
    Jay Replogle

    Learn the basics of bladesmithing and create your own hunting knife. We’ll cover forging in coal, grinding and heat setting high carbon steel. Students will also get an introduction to handle fitting and finishing. All are welcome and no experience is necessary. $50 material fee.

    jay knife


    Spoons, Spatulas and More! - July 21 - 26, 2024
    Anna Koplik

    Come learn how to make your own hand-forged spoons, spatulas and more! We will cover the basics of forging, forming, bending and riveting to make your own steel and brass utensils. This workshop will encourage students to explore various decorative techniques and designs to make their own unique and functional hand-forged objects. This class is great for those new to blacksmithing or for people with some prior forging experience who want to build their skills. $20 material fee.

    Anna graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Jewelry and has worked as a blacksmith at Peters Valley School of Craft, Atlas Forge, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Spirit Ironworks, Center for Metal Arts, Davis Metalsmiths, Caleb Kullman Studio, Michael Bondi Metal Design, and MDO Welding and Fabrication. She travels often, working as a journeyman architectural smith, teaching blacksmithing workshops, and going on adventures whenever possible. She has a passion for educating and showing beginner smiths the many different possibilities blacksmithing has to offer. Her personal work focuses mainly on tool and utensil making, and combining functionality with a refined, delicate aesthetic.



    Intermediate Bladesmithing - August 4 - 9, 2024

    Marcus Johnson

    Students will learn intermediate bladesmithing skills by forging and finishing a knife design of their choosing. Topics and skills covered will include steel types, forging, grinding, blade geometry, heat-treatment, and handle design, including the fabrication and fitting of bolsters. Basic blacksmithing/bladesmithing skills required. At least 1 previous basic bladesmithing class recommended. $50 material fee.

    Since graduating with a BFA in Metals from TN Tech in 2020, I have been making handcrafted knives, with a focus on kitchen cutlery, and have shown my work at craft and fine art fairs across Tennessee, as well as in New Jersey. My awards include Best in Show (Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree 2021), Merit Award (White Oak Craft Fair 2021), 2 Excellence Awards (White Oak Craft Fair 2022 and 2023), and Honorable Mention (Peters Valley 2022). I have taught a basic bladesmithing workshop at the Appalachian Center for Craft (May 2023), as well as assisted in teaching their high school outreach program during my internship there (Summer 2019).



    Forged Letter Opener - August 17, 2024
    Marcus Johnson

    Sharpen your blacksmithing skills while working at a coal forge and anvil to create a letter opener. In this class, participants will learn essential blacksmithing techniques and what it takes to set up a basic shop with tools and equipment, blacksmithing safety and fire management. This is a great workshop for beginners trying out blacksmithing for the first time and those with some experience who want to explore the craft more.


    letter openers

  • Glass

    Stained-Glass Sun Catchers - May 25, 2024
    Martha Morales Purucker

    Unlock your creativity and immerse yourself in the timeless art of stained glass with our Stained-Glass Sun Catcher Workshop! In this hands-on class, students of all levels of expertise will learn the fundamentals of drafting patterns, cutting glass, and assembling their own Tiffany-style sun catcher. From designing to constructing, students will experiment with various colors, textures and techniques to create a unique and radiant sun catcher, brimming with the beauty of handcrafted stained glass. This workshop offers a welcome environment for all to explore their artistic potential and hone their skills. 

    I, Martha Morales Purucker (she/her/hers), from Mexico City, proudly hold a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts. Now, as an artist, my passion and creativity find expression in glass, mosaic, and sculpture, where I not only craft and design but also collaborate and teach all this disciplines.

    I co-own Nashville Glassworks, a vibrant studio founded in 2022 along with my esteemed business partner. At Nashville Glassworks, we specialize in teaching the intricate crafts of fused glass, stained glass, and mosaic artistry. Our studio serves as a creative hub where enthusiasts of all skill levels can explore their artistic talents. In addition to our educational offerings, we proudly retail a diverse selection of glass, tools, and supplies, catering to the needs of fellow artisans and enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to inspire creativity and foster a vibrant community of glass artists.

    stained glass


    Basics of Solid Glass - May 31 - June 2, 2024 
    Fae Palentyn

    Come learn the fundamentals of solid glass working! Participants will learn to gather, shape, design and add color to hot glass. This course will cover all the basics, including finishing pieces in the cold shop. We will learn to make paperweights, flowers, hearts, jellyfish and more. $30 material fee. 

    Fae Palentyn is a glass artist and sculptor, specializing in bubble entrapment. They received both a BS and MS in Mathematics from Tennessee Technological University in 2013 and 2015 respectively. While pursuing a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a focus on Mechanics of Materials, Fae decided to follow a different career path and began blowing glass instead. Fae's work explores duality and impermanence. By utilizing intentionally created negative spaces, Fae shows that it is both the presence and absence of things that make them beautiful.

    glass bubble


    Intro to Glassblowing - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Kayla Sanford

    Get in the hot shop and learn the basics of glassblowing! This weeklong workshop will cover the fundamentals of blown glass through process and practice. Students will learn about safety, tools, molten glass and working with color. Participants will create a variety of cups, bowls and vases. Open to beginners, $50 material fee.

    I'm a glass artist from Cleveland OH. I graduated from the Cleveland institute of art 21' and went on to work as a hot glass instructor for several different facilities in Ohio. Now I travel working as a manager for Hollywood Hot Glass on a cruise ship.

    glass bowl


    Imagery Through Process - Exploring Glass Enamel - August 4 - 9, 2024 
    Chuchen Song

    Explore the creative possibilities of imagery on glass. From basic enameling, grisaille, sandblasting and more, this course will dive into traditional and nontraditional techniques of working with low fire enamels. Students will learn how to express their ideas through new processes and techniques that can be used in a broad range of applications. Jump into the world of imagery on glass and bring your own ideas to life. No experience necessary, however some drawing and glass experience (stained glass and kiln forming) is recommended. $100 material fee.

    Chuchen Song (B in 1995, Qingdao, China) is a glass enameling artist, who utilize an ancient glass enameling technic, called “grisaille”, to paint on glass. Her works have been shown nationally and internationally. Chuchen’s current body of work involves a series of enameled and kiln formed glass which contain symbolic imageries to talk about the experience of Chinese women in this cultural background. Chuchen received her M.F.A. from the glass program of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 2021, and her B.F.A. in design from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2017. Chuchen have taught kiln forming and enameling courses both in Southern Illinois University and Bowling Green State University. She currently works and teaches at Toledo Museum of Art. 




    Lampworking Beads- August 17, 2024 
    Renee Mathie

    In this beginner lampwork class, students will learn how to make beautiful glass beads. We will learn how to safely use torches, hand tools and frit to create and decorate round glass beads. Students will leave with a set of handmade beads and the knowledge they need to get started at home. No experience necessary. 

    I started 15 years ago by taking a one day class. I loved it and took off on my own glass journey. Since then I have built my own studio where I teach beginners and intermediate lampworking. I am a member of the Foothills Arts & Crafts Guild, the Arts & Culture Alliance, International Society of Glass Beadmakers & The Oak Ridge Art Center. I teach at various art centers as well as Pellissippi State Community College Adult Lifelong Learning Center. Through the ISGB and taking different classes by various renowned artists, I've learned new and interesting techniques. My Beach Bead (my signature bead) was entered into a traveling bead show across the US ending in a display in Washington State at the ISGB convention. Teaching the art of lampworking to beginners has become my passion. The excitement they get from creating with hot glass makes me smile..

    mathias work



  • Wood

    Nesting Shaker Boxes - May 17 - 19, 2024 
    Jeff Neil

    Shaker boxes are a recognized example of the simplicity and beauty that characterized Shaker crafts. You will learn to carve, bend and assemble a classic nest of up to four oval boxes using cherry wood. The assembly is done using only copper tacks and wooden pegs. We will use mostly hand tools, with a bit of power sanding to speed up the process. The result will be completed boxes ready for you to finish. No experience necessary. $50 material fee.

    Jeff Neil is a woodworker specializing in fine wood jewelry boxes and Shaker boxes made in his Gray, TN workshop. He is largely self-taught, bringing over 40 years of woodworking experience to his craft.  Jeff attended a Shaker box making class at the Canterbury, NH Shaker Village around 2004. He currently bends and sells Shaker boxes using a variety of American hardwoods. At the request of his wife, the quilter, he also began using wood veneers to make quilt block patterns on the 

    Jeff Neil is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and sells his Shaker boxes in the SHCG galleries. They are also available at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN. His boxes have been selected for inclusion in three of Best of Tennessee Craft Shows as well as four Master Woodworkers Shows held in Knoxville. 

    stacked boxes

    neil boxes


    Handcut Dovetails - May 25, 2024 
    Jeff Wyatt

    The dovetail is perhaps one of the oldest and strongest joints in woodworking. In this class, you’ll explore different approaches to the handcut dovetail and spend the afternoon cutting your own dovetails. Participants will leave with the knowledge needed to, with regular practice, go from dovetail apprentice to master. Think of this class as a dovetail supercharger!  No experience necessary.

    When Jeff Wyatt is not working in the oil refinery, you would find him in his workshop shop in Middle Tennessee. Jeff has been published in numerous magazine articles including This Old House Magazine and American Association of Woodturners.

    wyatt dovetails


    Intro to Spindle Turning- May 31 - June 2, 2024 
    Heather Ashworth

    This class is the best of both wood worlds as students will learn basic spindle turning as well as basic woodworking. Students will create a classic pedestal table, which is a great addition to any living space and a fun project to build. The center post will be turned while the top and base will be glued together and processed with woodshop equipment. No prior woodworking/wood turning needed. $75-100 material fee.

    Heather Ashworth is the Administrator and Shop Technician for Able Trade industrial shared shop, studios and classes in old downtown Knoxville, TN. Just prior to this transition, Heather worked for Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as Wood Studios Technician for the past 11 ½ years and one year before as the Wood Artist-in-Resident. 

    Heather has been in the woodworking and art field for over the last 22 years stemming back to high school and working on Habitat for Humanity with her grandfather. After receiving a certification at the American Academy of Woodworking in St. Louis MO, Heather graduated from Murray State University in Murray KY with a BFA of a double emphasis in Furniture Design and Functional Ceramic.



    Greenwoodworking Fundamentals - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Tyler Rodgers

    Create your own footstool and learn the fundamentals of greenwoodworking! This workshop will begin with each student building their own shave horse using very basic carpentry skills. In Days 3-6, we will dive into greenwoodworking. This includes; splitting and riving a log into workable parts, drawknife techniques paired with the shave horse, kiln drying, mortise and tenon joinery, footstool assembly, and seat weaving. Students will leave with their own shave horse and footstool. No experience necessary, $150-200 material fee.

    Tyler Rogers is a chair maker who lives in Chattanooga, TN, with his wife and young son. He started in the carpentry world nearly 10 years ago renovating houses. His fascination with greenwoodworking techniques, and craftspeople making everyday objects (bowls, chairs) led him to spending most of his time building Windsor chairs. In his spare time, he enjoys fly-fishing, cycling, and reading.


    detail shot


    Cherokee Carving - August 4 - 9, 2024 
    J. Bud Smith

    What makes Cherokee woodcarving unique from other forms of woodcarving? During this introductory class for beginner and intermediate woodcarvers, students will learn the unique characteristics of the Cherokee style of woodcarving including historical and cultural aspects.  Lessons will include introductions to Cherokee woodcarvers throughout history and contemporary artists and their unique contributions to the art form and the fundamentals of wood carving, including basic safety.  Students will create a wood sculpture and will leave with a knowledge of the evolution of Cherokee woodcarving and stylistic techniques. $30-50 material fee.

    A native of Cherokee, North Carolina and a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, I studied woodcarving at Cherokee High School under the well-known Native American sculptor, Amanda Crowe. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, a Master of Arts in Education, and received a Doctorate in Education at Oakland City University, Oakland City, Indiana. Being Native American brings many things to my art. I have something inside me that only other Native artists can understand. When you couple that innate spirit with individual experiences, you develop a distinctive style. I work, see, and feel with my hands with the hope that they will speak. 

    horse carving


    The Art of Pyrography and Power Carving - August 17, 2024 
    Myra Orton

    Have fun learning techniques to become proficient in the art of pyrography and power carving as you create unique textures and designs on wood. Gain experience in using a wood burner, its hand pieces and tips and make your own wood burning tips. Acquire knowledge in how to easily transfer designs, apply composition, color and use a small power carver to enhance your pyrography. This workshop is filled with in-depth instruction and hours of guided hands-on time. No experience necessary.

    Myra Orton is a pyrography and surface embellishment artist, instructor, woodworker, woodturner, stringed instrument builder, and retired teacher.  She has been working with wood most of her life. Myra teaches the art of pyrography, power carving, coloring techniques, composition, wood turning, inlaying various mediums, and where to find inspirations. She is well known for her wood turnings that contain motifs that are truly inspired by nature and tell a story.  She enjoys challenging herself to see what new techniques she can develop in order to share them with others through her love of teaching.  Myra gives demonstrations, teaches workshops, and practices her craft full-time.


    wooden cup




  • Clay

    Cut It Out - May 25, 2024 
    Amy Evans 

    Discover the joy of transferring images onto clay and try your hand at stencil-making to embellish clay surfaces. Students will explore basic slab-building techniques with templates and simple drape molds. Together we will create textured and patterned cups using the stencils and templates created in the course. Students will leave with stencils, templates, and greenware. Participants may choose to have their clay fired and picked up at a later time.  All levels are welcome, some clay experience is preferred. 

    My first introduction to clay was in high school where I found a place of confidence and familiarity after spending many summers assisting my grandparents in their gardens on their farm. I went on to teach ceramics at summer camps in Maine while working on my BFA from the University of North Texas and MFA from East Carolina University. In addition to keeping a home studio, I teach full-time at Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tennessee where I am a professor of art and department chair. 



    Pots with Purpose - May 31 - June 5, 2024 
    DeVonn Caldwell 

    In this workshop, we will learn hand building techniques for creating pots. We will also discuss our perceptions of what a pot is and the role pots serve as functional and illustrative ware. Workshop participants will gain a hand building technique skillset and a holistic view of pots and strategies to take back to their respective communitites. Participants will leave with bisqueware and at least one kiln-fired pot. No experience necessary, $50 material fee.

    DeVonn Caldwell received his BA in General Art with a minor in Art History from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2019 and MS in Art Education from Illinois State University in 2021. DeVonn currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland and teaches visual art to 4th through 8th grade at a predominantly black all boy school, K-12 art courses at MICA and youth clay at Jubilee Art. DeVonn maintains a strong faith in building community for all ages through artmaking, and not only takes pride in what he can offer through teaching, but what community can offer him. Outside of making art, he keeps up to date on world and local events, practices ASL, dances his heart out to music in his home, bookmarks recipes he hopes to cook and consistently studies history and art.



    Pottery Boot Camp - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Audry Deal-McEver 

    This workshop, which is designed to be both beginner friendly and inclusive of advanced students, will focus on teaching strong wheel-throwing pottery techniques. Beginners will learn to make cups, mugs, bowls and vases while more advanced students will see demos custom tailored to their personal skill level and goals. Information about the material science behind ceramics, firing processes, basic surface design and glazing will also be covered. No previous experience is required! $30 - $50 material fee.

    Audry Deal-McEver is a full-time clay artist based out of Nashville, TN. In addition to earning a degree in Ceramic Studio Arts from Ohio University, Audry's education also includes studies at Burg Giebichenstein School of Art and Design (Halle, Germany), and short-term residencies at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Red Lodge Clay Center, Hot Springs National Park, and the University of Alaska. She has had work in over 50 solo and group exhibits across the US including venues as diverse as the American Museum of Ceramic Art, the Customs House Museum, the Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center (as part of the 2017 NCECA Annual Exhibit), the Nashville International Airport, and various nature centers/botanical conservatories. She has also received numerous grants including an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission and an Individual Artist Career Opportunity grant from South Arts. Her studio practice has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, Nashville Public Television’s Tennessee Crossroads, and the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast.

    tea pot


    Communicating through Gestural Figure Sculpture - August 4 - 9, 2024
    Jenn Kaplan 

    Express yourself through creating figurative clay sculptures including hands, busts and isolated gestures or assemblages. Gestural figure sculpture is a method of communication and clay is receptive to that which we are sometimes unwilling to speak.  Some students may be inclined to build full figures but are encouraged to consider the way negative space or absence of the body speaks. Open to all levels. Some handbuilding or drawing experience is helpful but not necessary. Material fee $50.

    Jennifer Kaplan has 20 years of clay experience and has been teaching for 10 years. Their recent work takes form as a progression blend between functional and figurative in delicate reflection of collective grief. Jennifer is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and former resident at Cub Creek Foundation and Armory Art Center where they taught Ceramic Chemistry, Wheel Throwing and Altering, Soda-Fire, and Figure Sculpture in partnership with the Norton Museum of Art. Jennifer earned an MFA from Notre Dame and BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, in between they were Lead Instructor at Penguin Foot Pottery and taught Urban Gardening at Marwen in Chicago. Jennifer has shown in the Snite Museum, Red Lodge Clay Center, Companion Gallery, Kansas City Clay Guild, Saratoga Arts Center, Queen City Clay, Relay Ridge, Women Made Gallery, Dogwood Arts and more.

    sculpture of woman



  • Metals

    Casting for Jewelry - May 17 - 19, 2024
    Eleanor Rose

    Create your own jewelry and learn the art of lost wax casting. We will work with different kinds of waxes, filing, carving and sculpting forms for jewelry. Then, we’ll invest and burn out the wax to cast molten silver into the molds with a specialized vacuum casting machine. Participants will create their own unique silver jewelry forms for rings, pendants or broaches. This workshop is open to all levels and the estimated material fee is $50.

    Eleanor Ingrid Rose is a sculptor, metalworker, and tool maker with a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from UW-Madison. She often partners with Stacy Motte in their shared project, “Ladies Who…”Eleanor has been crafting tools to make tools to make art/jewelry for more than ten years. This journey has turned her into a specialist in casting, machining, and a chaotic array of other skills. 

    cast metal



    Stacker Rings and Studs with a Pop of Color! - May 31 - June 2, 2024 
    Brie Flora

    This class is perfect for beginners and jewelry lovers! Learn how to make sterling silver stacker rings and small stud earrings. Students will learn how to solder their own rings and set at least 1 round cabochon on a ring using a premade silver bezel. We will also go over a few hammer texture styles for our stacker rings and post earrings, and use liver of sulphur and a tiny bit of powder coating to add color, plus learn basic finishing techniques. Students should expect to leave with multiple rings and earrings! No experience necessary, $80-100 material fee.

    Brie Flora is an artist, jeweler, and educator living in Cookeville, Tennessee. Brie received a dual BFA from MASSART in Metalsmithing + Jewelry and Art Education, May 2015. She has been featured in over 10 group exhibitions, recently including Flora & Fauna at Monique Rancourt Artisan Gallery in Waltham MA. She was selected to participate as an Emerging Artist in Resident at Salem Art Works (2018), and has been awarded numerous awards including Best New Exhibitor (2019 Tennessee Craft), Outstanding Achievement in Jewelry (2019 Amdur Productions), and the Lillian Bardield Award (2014 Mobilia). Brie created a contemporary jewelry exhibition project called Guidelines which has had 3 Volumes. For more info, follow @guidelines_jewelry on instagram. Brie has taught workshops over the past 8 years at Metalwerx, Pocosin Arts, Haystack, and Arrowmont. She is also the co-owner of a gallery and storefront in Cookeville TN called, The Silver Fern, which opened in July 2021.




    Filigree - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Sishi Wang

    Filigree is a technique used in jewelry and metalworking to form intricate twisted fine gold or silver wire designs. Students will learn flat surface filigree techniques and wire fabrication, including creating filigree wire and soldering. Students will explore the possibilities of filigree work, and how to form and fabricate wire into dimensional work. This workshop covers making models, forming, scoring and bending, and problem solving for tricky soldering positions. Soldering skills are helpful, however this class is open to beginners and all levels. $50-$75 material fee.

    Born and raised in China, Wang holds a MFA degree in Metalsmithing and jewelry design at Indiana University of Bloomington, IN, and a BFA in Metals design from East Carolina University, NC. Her work reflects elements from everyday life through traditional metalsmithing techniques. Wang exhibits nationally and internationally, and she is currently an artist in residence at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, Illinois. 

    filigree ball


    Introduction to Enameling: Champlevé through Etching - August 4 - 9, 2024 
    Wyatt NP

    Integrate color into your jewelry by learning Champlevé enameling through etching. In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of enameling, including preparing metal surfaces for etching, wet packing enamel and how to solder findings and set pieces. The main focus will be working with opaque enamels to create multiple samples and a one of a kind pin, pendant or bolo tie. Open to all skill levels, some metalsmithing experience is helpful but not required. $65 material fee.

    Wyatt NP is a metalsmith, and jeweler working out of rural NJ. He graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Metalsmithing in 2021. He worked at Peters Valley School of Craft managing their Fine Metals studio as a coordinator in addition to teaching at other craft schools. NP grew up in a small rural town working with horses his whole life. In addition to continuing his practice in his home studio he works on several farms focusing on horsemanship and livestock management. The culture of farming and agriculture heavily impact the work he makes in his practice. NP creates much of his work in the form of champlevé enameled belt buckles; a type of body adornment tied to both rural identity and masculine normativity. One of his main passions is agriculture and the perseverance of farmers over generations as the land, climate and people change.




  • Fibers

    Beginning Broom Making - May 17 - 19, 2024 
    Cate O’Connell-Richards 

    Learn the foundations of handmade brooms and whisks in this three-day workshop, featuring a presentation on the development of American broom making, including traditional Appalachian and New England techniques. Learn all about broom making materials and where to find them, demonstrations on how to process broomcorn for making and lessons on various methods to make brooms both on and off long handles! No experience necessary. $45 material fee.

    Cate O’Connell-Richards (they/them) is an artist, broomsquire, and educator. O’Connell-Richards have exhibited internationally and shown work at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (North Adams, MA), The Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA), The Trout Museum of Art (Appleton, WI), Abel Contemporary (Stoughton, WI), Hesse Flatow (New York, NY), Lillstreet Arts Center (Chicago, IL), and the Gallery im Körnerpark (Berlin, DE). Their last solo exhibition “SWEPT” was held at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA in 2022. They have been awarded several travel grants for craft research, including a 2024 Craft Research Fund Project Grant to study the history of American broom making. They have taught broom making workshops at Ox-Bow School of Art and the Kansas City Textile Arts Center. Their writing has been published by Surface Design Journal (2024), and Mergoat Magazine (2023). They received their MFA from UW-Madison in 2020. Currently, they are a full-time Lecturer for the UW-Madison Art Department. 




    Needle Felting - May 25, 2024 
    Gerry Burklow

    Learn to needle felt or advance your skills by needle felting a rabbit or hare. We will cover multiple techniques such as basic needle felting, understanding types of wool for your project and making a wire armature, using glass eyes, felting the body according to rabbit /hare anatomy, color blending and applying fur. No experience necessary.

     Gerry Burklow is an award winning retired hospice nurse who worked in a world a stark reality and pain. As part of her self-care practice she discovered the art of needle felting. Completely self taught, you can find her most days in her studio- a land where cheeky squirrels serve tea to chipmunks and polar bears sail ships. “The art I make comes from a wonderful childhood and memories of a simpler time- and who doesn’t love an owl in a big hat?” Gerry is a member of Art Round Tennessee and Tennessee Craft. She loves teaching her craft. She has exhibited at the state wide members exhibition through Tennessee Craft here in Tennessee as well as many juried art shows in Colorado. 

    felt rabbit


    Investigations in Papermaking - May 31 - June 2, 2024 
    Sally C. Garner 

    In this workshop, we will learn about the creative traditions of papermaking in hands-on experimentations with multiple natural materials. Through demonstrations and exploration, we will expand our understanding of this versatile medium and create small works of art that can also be used as a substrate. Each participant will take home a multitude of handmade papers that range from delicate to strong and feature embedded objects, embossed impressions and dyed paper fibers. No experience necessary, $50 material fee.

    Sally C. Garner is currently the Artist in Residence for Fibers at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN and an adjunct professor of art at TN Tech. She earned her MFA in textiles at Georgia State University in 2023, where she was awarded the Ernest G. Welch Fellowship, and her BFA in sculpture at the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2013. Her work has shown nationally and internationally, in group and solo exhibitions, and her work has received awards from Fiber Art Now, the National Basketry Organization, and Surface Design Association. Over the last decade, Sally has taught fiber and textile techniques in workshops and classrooms, ranging from small private classes to large public institutions. Most notably, in 2022 she was invited to design and teach a workshop at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA to complement the Stephen Burks exhibition “Shelter in Place.”



    Basketweaving with Foraged Materials - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Angela Eastman

    Students will learn to harvest, process and weave with a number of invasive vines that grow in the Southeast. The mature vines of wisteria, kudzu, and japanese honeysuckle can be processed into material which forms the structure for strong and beautiful baskets. We will discuss both traditional weaving techniques and more sculptural designs for working with this plentiful material. Students can expect to leave with material they have processed themselves and at least one completed basket. No prior experience required, however moderate hand strength is necessary. $35-50 material fee.

    Angela Eastman is an artist and teacher from Hillsborough, North Carolina. She is an advocate for craft education as a vital component of understanding the material world we live in. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and completed the Core Fellowship program at Penland School of Crafts, and has participated in numerous residencies, including at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (ME), the John C. Campbell Folk School (NC), the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts (GA), MASS MoCA (MA), Vermont Studio Center (VT), the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild (NY), Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (OR), Talking Dolls (MI), the Ragdale Foundation (IL), and SIM and Nes residencies in Iceland. Angela has taught at the John C Campbell Folk School, Sertoma Arts Center, Cranbrook Art Museum, Carrboro ArtsCenter, Woodcrest Farm and Forge, and others. 



    Intro to Cyanotype: Printing with Light - August 4 - 9, 2024 
    Larissa Miller

    This experimental workshop introduces cyanotype, a printing process that can be very simple to create at home or in a darkroom environment. Whether documenting the natural world or creating photographic compositions, student outcomes include creating photograms on paper and fabric with found objects and transparencies as negatives. This week-long workshop will teach you to harness the sun and a UV light source for creating beautiful handmade prints that will become addictive once you know the basics! $80 material fee.

    Larissa is an artist and designer, born in Riverdale, GA, and raised in the Triad of North Carolina. Larissa earned her undergraduate degree in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She recently completed her MFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has won numerous awards including Fiber Art Now’s Excellence in Fibers, the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Appalachian Visions Scholarship, and Penland School of Craft’s Cynthia Bringle and Edwina Bringle Scholarship. She has been included in Surface Design Journal, Fiber Art Now’s magazine, and ScadWorks. She has participated in Arrowmont School of Art’s Winter Pentaculum residency and was recently chosen as one of SCAD’s Presidential Alumni Atelier Ambassadors in Atlanta. She has participated in group exhibitions at Savannah Cultural Arts Center and VAE Raleigh in North Carolina, and a solo exhibition at Cedar House Gallery in Savannah, GA. 


    fibers with light


    Spinning Yarn for Beginners - August 17, 2024 
    Katelyn Dunn

    During this workshop you will learn the basics of how to process wool from sheep to finished skein. Using hand carded art batts and a drop spindle, you will create your own one-of-a-kind handspun yarn. By the end of class, you will be going home with a new fiber skillset, drop spindle and a unique skein of yarn! No experience necessary.

    Katelyn Dunn has been involved in fiber arts for many years. Her love for the medium began at age 11 when she learned how to knit, and in her own words, “It ‘spun’ out of control from there!” In her fiber arts studio, Dunn Spunn, Katelyn creates, gives seminars, and lessons. She has been a guest teacher and demonstrator for many stores, galleries, guilds, and events. She was even recently interviewed by BuzzFeed! Her teaching philosophy is approachability (“It’s just fluff”). Most of all, Katelyn loves an opportunity to share her passion for fiber art with others.




  • Special Topics

    Bookbinding and Coptic Stitch - May 25, 2024 
    Autumn McPeak

    Come make your own books! This workshop covers the basics of cutting paper, sewing, glueing and general knowledge of the art and tools used in bookbinding. You will leave the class with two books– a single signature book and a Coptic Stitch book. No experience necessary. 

    Autumn began learning bookbinding in 2014. Their education: Graphic Design Degree from Nossi College of Art,Community Education Bookbinding classes from Watkins College of Art
    Their teaching: March 2024, The Clay Lady Campus

    bound book


    Relief Printmaking - May 31 - June 2, 2024 
    Jen Luna

    In this workshop, students will be introduced to relief printmaking techniques. Students will learn to design, carve and print using linoleum and wood blocks. Demonstrations and discussions will include different techniques to embellish your prints and block carvings. No experience necessary, $85 material fee.

    Jennifer Luna is a textile designer and printmaker specializing in linoleum and wood relief printing. She studied Fine Art and Fashion Merchandising at Tennessee Technological University where she earned her Bachelor of Science. Luna served as the Executive Director of Art Round Tennessee from 2020 to 2023, she served as a studio assistant at Arrowmont School of Arts & Craft in 2016. Her work has been featured in various regional exhibitions since 2017, she teaches printmaking and textile workshops throughout the region.


    Relief printing


    Dollmaking - July 21 - 26, 2024 
    Charlie Patricolo

    Learn how to make a cloth doll! Each participant will make their own doll with jointed limbs and needle-sculpted faces. We’ll learn sewing techniques for dollmaking to craft a unique doll with its very own personality, appearance and style. There will be basic patterns provided for doll clothing, which can be revised and developed. This workshop is open to dollmaking beginners, though basic sewing machine skills are required. $20 material fee.

    Charlie has been making dolls for galleries for over 25 years and teaching nearly as long. Her life before that was in computers. She is a member of Southern Highland Craft Guild and have. Her greatest pleasure comes from enabling students to create figures that allow them to express themselves. Charlie's work is focused on giving the observer a 'reason to smile'. 



    Homemade Feta Cheese, Sour Cream and Yogurt- August 17, 2024 

    Never buy another dollop of sour cream; always have yogurt on hand for breakfast, parfait, baking, or marinades; and reach for a jar of aging feta to crumble on top of salads and pizzas! Come learn how to make sour cream, feta cheese and yogurt quickly and inexpensively at home. This workshop will cover selecting milk for cheesemaking, selecting and using dairy cultures and rennet and draining, salting, aging and storing cheese. Participants will enjoy cheeses during the workshop and take a feta cheese home to finish along with an heirloom yogurt culture.

    Soirée-Leone is a teacher and writer focused on food preservation and putting food on the table by any means necessary. She lives and works from her 57-acre homestead in Middle Tennessee. She grew up on an off-grid homestead in rural Maine in the 1970s. After 25 years in San Diego, California, she and her husband left their urban homestead behind and moved to Tennessee. @soireeleone

    Dairy in jars



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