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Tennessee Tech University embraces a culture of learning where faculty and staff are encouraged, empowered, and equipped for personal and professional growth. Training and Development seeks to develop a growth environment where employees are highly engaged, high performers and successful in their careers. By achieving this, our campus community supports our students in achieving their educational, professional and personal goals in an atmosphere that embraces academic excellence, diversity and meaningful innovation.

In order to be successful in establishing a growth environment, T & D, will provide learning opportunities in both technical and soft skills. Learning will be offered in a variety of modalities including online, in person, classroom, and peer to peer.

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The Learning Framework

As displayed below consists of 4 areas of focus:


(Experiential) Achieving specific higher ed HR skills from experience or learning. Examples: Benefits, Compensation, Recruitment, Employee/Labor Relations, Employee Development, HR Data, Systems and Analytics, Risk Management, Compliance and Policies, Budget and Finance

Building Capabilities:

(Operational) Overseeing the functioning and activities of teams, departments or divisions. Examples: Identify, Recruit and Onboard Employees, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Cultural Steward, Change Management, HR Operations


(Relational) A strong culture that places importance on relationships, connections and care throughout the entire institution. Examples: Building Trust, Team Building, Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management, Collaboration, Ethics, Communications, Culture Competence/DEI

Strategic Leadership:

(Influential) Having great influence on work, direction or work and rapport. Examples: Leadership in Higher Ed, Continuous Improvement, Managing a Team, Goal Setting, Delegating, Coaching


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