How We Help

We’ve got resources. And with TCRI in your corner, so do you. 

We know—navigating all these different agencies, trying to find good workers, applying for grants, finding funding? It’s not easy!

That’s where TCRI comes in.

We have several partner organizations we can link you with to help your business get started or expand. We’ve got a huge knowledge base, and we want to share it.

We can help in these key areas:

  • High-Skilled Workforce Activities
  • Cultivating Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Commercialization & Business Expansion

TCRI strives to:

  • Grow Small Business & Create New Investments
  • Increase Access to Capital & Funding
  • Expand Agricultural Innovations
  • Market & Expand Natural Assets
  • Increase Technology & Healthcare Workers
  • Connect Dots & Create Linkages Network

Services Available:

  • Interns
  • Pop-up classes
  • University and community connections
  • Research opportunities
  • Grant writing assistance

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