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Scantron Services

The Volpe Library can score and provide results for Scantron answer sheets. 

Scoring services are typically available when the library is open, except between 4:00 p.m. Fridays and 4:00 p.m. Sundays.

Scantron answer sheets ready for scoring must be submitted:

  • in-person at the library front desk
  • in an envelope
  • to a full-time staff member (do not leave them on the desk or with students)
  • with the answer key on top, all sheets face-up, and all sheets turned the same direction
  • without stray marks in any area outside of the answer sections
  • without staples, clips, extra papers, or folds in the sheets

Library staff will have you fill out a brief contact slip to accompany your packet.  If you would like to fill out the contact slip ahead of time and bring it with your submission, you may download this file for printing. 

Exam Handling: 
Your exams will be handled only by full-time employees of the Volpe Library, and students will not have access to the sheets or the grading hardware/software.

Length of Time to Score:
Scoring times will vary based on the amount of sheets submitted.  Scoring results will most often be emailed within 24-72 hours, depending on when the sheets were submitted and available staff.

Scoring Results:
Once scored, results will be delivered via email. Emailed results will be sent only to Tech email accounts and will be sent as the scoring is completed.  Emailed results will come from  There will be no scoring marks printed on individual answer sheets.

Emailed reports include the following:

  • Summary Report: shows the number and percentage correct for each student
  • Frequency Distribution Report: shows the number of students in each grade range
  • Statistical Report: includes mean, standard deviation, and other statistical measures
  • Response Report: shows a plot of each answer by each student
  • Condensed Test Report:  provides a breakdown of responses to each question
  • Question-by-Question Analyses
  • Raw data file

The emailed reports are in PDF format with the exception of the raw data file, which is in XLS (Excel) format. 

Picking Up Exams: 
Please pick up exams within two weeks of receiving the scoring reports via email. Exams cannot be returned to an instructor or department via campus mail and must be retrieved in person.   

Packs of Scantron exam sheets may be obtained from the Volpe Library Administration Office, Room 214 by filling out the "Scantron Order Form" in Eagle Buy (located in the ITS Forms section).  This will require relevant FOAPAL information and must be approved by the requesting department.  After the approval process is complete (usually 1-2 days), you will receive notification through Eagle Buy that the Scantron exam sheets are ready to be picked up in the Library Administration Office, Room 214.  The office is usually open M-F, 8-4:30.

See your department secretary for Scantron requests in Eagle Buy.

Pricing Per Pack:
Blue sheets:  $54.00
Purple sheets:  $45.00
A single pack contains 500 sheets; partial packs are not available.

The scanning hardware requires that instructors use the blue or purple Scantron exam sheets.  Blue sheets take longer to scan and score than purple sheets. 

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