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  • How Tutoring Works

    Current Tennessee Tech Students

    Free peer tutoring is available for any Tennessee Tech student in the Library Room 120 and online. Tutoring is by appointment only.  Tutors help students understand course material, answer questions, and offer suggestions for studying and learning. Tutoring is available for:

    • Any class/subject
    • Writing (class papers, graduate school essays, etc.)
    • Research Help (searching for library resources)
    • Resumes
    • Presentation Help 
    • Research Poster Help
    • Test Prep (COMPASS, GRE, ACT, Praxis, etc.)
    • Study Skills

    You must be prepared and ready to actively participate in your tutoring appointment. Have specific concepts or questions to ask your tutor. Speak up if your tutor is going too fast or slow, and don’t be afraid to say you still don’t understand something. Be sure to take notes during your tutoring session so you can review them later. If you cannot make your tutoring appointment, please cancel it online.

    Non-Tennessee-Tech Students

    Students who have applied to Tennessee Tech and have a T# can receiving tutoring in the library's tutoring center. If they are under the age of 18, they must bring a parent/guardian with them to each tutoring appointment. Appointments are scheduled through tutoring@tntech.edu

    Anyone who needs a tutor and has not applied to Tennessee Tech:

    • The tutee must be in 9th grade or higher
    • Submit your name, contact information, and tutoring needs to tutoring@tntech.edu
    • If you are under the age of 18, there must be a parent/guardian at each tutoring appointment

  • Schedule/Cancel a Tutoring Appointment

    Scheduling a tutoring appointment:

    1. Go to https://techconnect.campus.eab.com/.
    2. Log in using your TNTECH username and password.
    3. Click image of appointment button on the right and follow the steps.

    Online tutoring appointments are also scheduled this way with a selected location of "Online Tutoring".

    Canceling a tutoring appointment:

    1. Go to https://techconnect.campus.eab.com/.
    2. Log in using your TNTECH username and password.
    3. Click on the Calendar tab.
    4. Click on the tutoring appointment you wish to cancel.
    5. In the popup box, click Cancel a tutoring appointment

  • Tutoring Information for Faculty

    Please refer to the "How it Works" section so you can inform and refer students as appropriate.

    On Your Syllabus

    Please mention tutoring in your syllabus to promote student success. Please use any/all of the following content:

    The university provides free tutoring to all Tennessee Tech students. Tutoring is available for any class or subject as well as writing, test prep, study skills, library research, resumes, presentations, and posters. Appointments are scheduled. Please see the library website for more information: https://www.tntech.edu/library/tutoring.


    Who Received Tutoring

    Faculty have the ability to see who has received tutoring. This can be especially helpful if you require tutoring for a class assignment or extra credit. Please follow these instructions to view your students’ tutoring activity:

    1. Go to https://techconnect.campus.eab.com
    2. Log in with your TNTECH username and password
    3. Click on the notebook paper icon near the bottom left Notebook paper icon
    4. Click on “Tutor Appointment Details”
    5. Enter the desired parameters and click “Search”

  • Class+

     Class+ logo

    Class+ offers free peer-assisted study sessions in specific classes. The sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions for comparing notes, discussing readings, developing organizational tools, and predicting test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by Class+ Leaders, students who have previously done well in the course and who attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students. This program is modeled after UMKC's Supplemental Instruction.


    • To increase retention within targeted, historically-difficult courses
    • To improve student grades in targeted, historically-difficult courses
    • To increase the graduation rates of students

    Students will find out in class if their section has Class+ or they can check the Class+ Schedule below.  Attending Class+ is completely voluntary, but statistics show that students who attend on average earn one half to one full letter grade higher than their classmates who choose not to attend. All students, regardless of their interest in Class+, are welcome to schedule a tutoring appointment.

    Fall 2019 Class+ Schedule 


Brittany Lafever, 931-372-3841          

 CRLA logoThe library’s tutoring program is CRLA   Level I and II certified through 3/31/2023.

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