Navigating the Peachtree Avenue Construction Site

Peachtree Avenue is a major thoroughfare at Tennessee Tech, stretching from Tucker Stadium at the north to the Capital Quad dormitories and the area behind Matthews-Daniel Hall and Crawford Hall to the south, and extending past the boundaries of Tech’s campus.

Tech has listened to students, faculty and staff who have encouraged the university to develop more pedestrian-friendly green spaces that will beautify our campus and promote safety and connectivity. Work is progressing each day on a new bricked walkway and plaza in the heart of Tech’s campus where part of Peachtree Avenue currently stands.

The part of Peachtree Avenue north of West 10th Street, in front of Clement Hall, extending to the Volpe Library will soon be a new sidewalk and plaza, providing students an attractive space to gather and connect while also enhancing the look and feel of Tech’s campus.

As the university moves toward completion of this project in early 2024, students may see changes to the construction site on a near-weekly basis. This message is intended to help students, including those with accessibility needs, navigate our changing campus.

Peachtree Construction Map

Currently, the area of Peachtree Avenue bound by Clement Hall, Foster Hall, and the Volpe Library is an active construction site and is not open to pedestrian traffic.

For students’ convenience, the university has created a temporary pedestrian footpath around the construction on campus. If you are standing at the rear, ground-floor entrance of the Roaden University Center near the Swoops Food Court and looking west towards the Volpe Library, you can access the pedestrian detour by making an immediate left or right.

If turning RIGHT from Roaden University Center ›

The footpath runs along the side of Foster Hall that is closest to the RUC and extends into the paved area between Foster and Johnson Halls. The footpath continues toward the Volpe Library, taking you to the very front of the library and extending down the part of the library that fronts University Drive.

Once you arrive at the intersection of University Drive and Stadium Drive, the footpath will have you make a left behind Prescott Hall, then another left on West 10th Street between Prescott Hall and Lab Science Commons. West 10th Street is now open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. From here, you can continue straight and walk toward the Henderson/T.J. Farr Parking lot to access the main quad and other areas of campus, or the pedestrian footpath also creates a route through the lawn in front of Lab Science Commons for those needing access to buildings in that area of campus.

The pedestrian footpath continues along Wings Up Way between Stonecipher Hall and, on the other side of Peachtree Avenue, Memorial Gym.  After you cross Peachtree Avenue and come up the southern end of Memorial Gym that faces Matthews-Daniel Hall, you will then continue across the front of Memorial Gym continue your route. From there, the footpath continues behind Bartoo Hall and runs between the back of T.J. Farr Building and Henderson Hall until you return to the RUC.

If turning LEFT from Roaden University Center ›

The footpath runs along the back of Henderson Hall and T.J. Farr Building. After passing T.J. Farr, you will cross William L. Jones Drive and continue along the back of Bartoo Hall. From there, the footpath will take you in a diagonal direction, moving you from the back of Bartoo Hall to the front of Memorial Gym. You will continue walking in front of Memorial Gym and then continue down the side of the building that faces Matthews-Daniel Hall. From here, you will continue west on Wings Up Way. This route will cross Peachtree Avenue.

Once you have crossed Peachtree Avenue, continue down Wings Up Way and make a right onto the sidewalk in front of Stonecipher Lecture Hall. You will continue down the sidewalk and, once you have passed the “O” shaped sidewalk and plaza area on your left, you will make an immediate left to continue on the sidewalk, then a right turn will continue your route – taking you between Lab Science Commons and Foundry with Brown Hall directly in front of you. Once standing in front of Brown Hall, take a left and continue down the sidewalk, then continue along the side of Prescott Hall that faces out to Stadium Drive. You will cross University Drive, then take a right to continue the footpath along the side of the Volpe Library that faces out to University Drive. 

The footpath will take you directly in front of the library and will then continue through the paved area that stretches between Foster Hall and Johnson Hall. From there, you will make a right turn to return to the RUC.