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To access Tennessee Tech policies, click on the appropriate "PolicyTech" link below:


PolicyTech provides a link to university-wide policies that have been adopted or revised and approved as described in TTU Policy 101 (Policy on Policies). Current university-wide policies will be added as they are revised to comply with TTU Policy 101. New policies will be added as they are approved. PolicyTech does not contain an exhaustive list of university-wide policies. If the policy you are searching for has not yet been revised, please contact the department or division that oversees the policy or subject matter.

If assistance with PolicyTech is needed, contact Deb Combs at 

Policies submitted for upcoming Council meetings:

Recent policy action by:

Policy Changes Effective Immediately: 

No. 144 Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures Approved per out-of-cycle exception due to federal court ruling. Effective date of revision is August 1, 2021. Presented as an information item at 1/26/2022 Admin Council meeting and at Spring 2022 University Assembly.
No. 273 Online Graduate Degree Program-Graduate Student Requirement Rescinded 2/23/2022 per out-of-cycle exception approved by President. New Policy 223, Online and Distance Education, supersedes Policy 273. Rescinsion placed on GSEC, Academic Council, and University Assembly agendas as an information item.

New/Revised Policies Effective July 1, 2022:

No.  113 Record Retention and Disposition Revised
No. 504 Collection of Accounts Receivable Revised
No. 506 General & Group Travel Policies Revised
No. 509.1 Disposal of Surplus Personal Property Revised
No. 561 Key Control Revised
No. 564 Motor Vehicles Revised
No. 600 Code of Conduct Revised

New/Revised Policies Effective January 1, 2022:

No. 208 Faculty Workload New
No. 209 Faculty Evaluation of University Administrators Revised
No. 210 Appointment and Evaluation of Academic Deans Revised
No. 211 Appointment and Evaluation of Chairpersons Revised
No. 223 Online and Distance Education Revised
No. 240 Full Course of Study Requirements for International Students Revised
No. 269 Awarding Posthuumous Degrees Revised
No. 272 Graduate Studies Executive Committee Revised
No. 281 Graduate Student Reinstatement after Dismissal and Appeal Procedures Editorial change (information only)
No. 613 Bereavement Leave Discussion only
No. 627 Holidays Approved out of cycle 12/8/2021. Was presented as an information item at 1/26/2022 Admin Council meeting and at Spring 2022 University Assembly.
No. 909 Student-Athlete Appeals and Transfers Revised
No. 945 Name, Image and Likeness for Student-Athletes New
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