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Office of the President

Celebration of Excellence

Tennessee Tech University faculty, staff and students have made outstanding contributions to their respective professional and academic fields, offices and the entire campus community. The Celebration of Excellence recognizes these achievements. Tennessee Tech is proud to commend their hard work and ongoing dedication.

Student Awards

Derryberry Award

The Derryberry Award, the highest award given to an undergraduate student at Tech, was established in honor of the late Dr. Everett Derryberry who serviced 34 years as president of the university.

This prestigious award is presented to a graduating senior who has exhibited scholastic attainment arising out of moral and intellectual integrity; successful campus activity where participation indicates a commitment to good citizenship, interest in one’s fellow person, and instincts for leadership; and physical vigor as shown by fondness for and success in sports – all of which demonstrate potential for future service and effective leadership in American society.

Rachel Baker Portrait

Rachel Baker
View Rachel Baker's Award Interview

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Faculty Awards

Caplenor Award

Satish Mahajan Portrait

Dr. Satish Mahajan, Director
Center for Energy Systems Research 
View Dr. Satish Mahajan's Award Interview


Outstanding Faculty Awards in Teaching

Mary Fornehead Portrait

Mary Fornehead, Assistant Professor
View Mary Fornehead's Award Interview

Robby Sanders Portrait

Robby Sanders, Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
View Robby Sanders' Award Interview


Outstanding Faculty Award for Professional Service

Sarah Guimaraes Portrait

Sarah Guimaraes, Lecturer
View Sarah Guimaraes' Award Interview


General Education Award for Outstanding Teaching

Philip Davis Portrait

Philip Davis Jr., Instructor
View Philip Davis' Award Interview

Mark Rogers Portrait

Mark Rogers, Lecturer
View Mark Rogers' Award Interview


Award for Excellence in Creative Inquiry Instruction

Mari Ramler Portrait

Dr. Mari Ramler, Assistant Professor
View Dr. Mari Ramler's Award Interview

Julie Stepp Portrait

Dr. Julie Stepp, Associate Professor
Curriculum & Instruction
View Dr. Julie Stepp's Award Interview


Award for Excellence in Creative Inquiry Mentoring

Duckbong Kim Portrait

Dr. Duckbong Kim, Assistant Professor
Manufacturing & Engineering Technology
View Dr. Duckbong Kim's Award Interview

Rena Wood Portrait

Rena Wood, Assistant Professor
Art, Craft, & Design 
View Rena Wood's Award Interview


Scholar-Mentor Award

Indranil Bhattacharya Portrait

Indranil Bhattacharya, Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
View Indranil Bhattacharya's Award Interview


Scholastic Research Award

Chad Luke Portrait

Chad Luke, Associate Professor
Counseling & Psychology
View Chad Luke's Award Interview

Michael Olsen Portrait

Michael Olsen, Assistant Professor
Foreign Languages 
View Michael Olsen's Award Interview

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Staff Awards

Excellence in Advising

Whitney Foust Portrait

Whitney Foust, Advisor
Student Success Center 
View Whitney Foust's Award Interview

Brandi Lovin Portrait

Brandi Lovin, Advisor
Student Success Center
View Brandi Lovin's Award Interview


Outstanding Professional Award

Ashley Akenson Portrait

Ashley Askenson, Director of Graduate Studies
College of Education
View Ashley Askenson's Award Interview

Cassandra Gronendyke Portrait

Cassandra Gronendyke, Coordinator
Financial Aid
View Cassandra Gronendyke's Award Interview


Outstanding Clerical & Supportive Staff Award

Geri Anna Alcorn Portrait

Geri Anna Alcorn, Administrative Associate
College of Education
View Geri Anna Alcorn's Award Interview

Sharon Buckner Portrait

Sharon Buckner, Financial Associate
Volpe Library 
View Sharon Buckner's Award Interview

Megan Cooper Portrait

Megan Cooper, Administrative Associate
Computer Science
View Megan Cooper's Award Interview

Alisha Looper Portrait

Alisha Looper, Financial Associate
College of Education
View Alisha Looper's Award Interview

Kathleen Lordo Portrait

Kathleen Lordo, Administrative Associate
University Advancement
View Kathleen Lordo's Award Interview

Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award

Julie Baker Portrait

Julie Baker, Associate Dean
College of Education
View Julie Baker's Award Interview

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