Environmental Health & Safety

Emergency Operations Plan

Tennessee Technological University is committed to protecting the health and safety of all students, staff, faculty and visitors at all university facilities. The Tennessee Tech Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is designed to provide framework and guidance for coordinated response to minor emergencies, major emergencies and disasters.

The Tennessee Tech EOP is designed as a flexible management system, part or all of it may be activated as appropriate to a situation. Moreover, although it is based on a worst case scenario and provides for the critical functions and roles of the university during disaster response, its general procedures for the management of information, activities, and operations can be applied as needed during any level of emergency.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Continuity of operations planning (COOP) is the capacity to maintain functional operations shortly following disruptive events, and the capability to quickly resume academic, administrative, and research activities after such an event. Through oversight, coordination, and collaboration, the COOP program ensures that the plans and tools are in place to reduce the impacts of a crisis event.

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