Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Environmental Health & Safety

Building Coordinators

A Building Coordinator is a chief source of information for building occupants. The Building Coordinator relays information to building occupants from Facilities or Environmental Health and Safety regarding water shutdowns, fire alarms testing, and electrical outages, etc.

The Building Coordinator maintains a weather radio for the building. This aids in the preparation of a timely response to severe weather.

The Building Coordinator also maintains a copy of the Tennessee Tech Emergency Operations Plan.

The Building Coordinator should:

  • Know every department in the building, person to contact, and phone number.
  • Make sure every department knows of their role as Building Coordinator and their phone number.
  • Know the location of people with disabilities within the building to aid the fire department, should a fire occur, or in the event of any other emergency that requires evacuation.
  • Report building problems located in common areas, paying particular attention to items that may present a safety hazard or security problem. Ensure Evacuation Routes are clear.
  • Ensure that employees who work in the building know the location of the tornado shelters.
  • Review and be familiar with the content of the Tennessee Tech Emergency Operations Plan


Building Phone Name Box E-mail
Ag. Pavilion 6967 Rusty Chilcutt 5034 rchilcutt
Alumni Building 6101 Elizabeth Williams 5111 ewilliams
Athletic Performance Center 6278 Matt Hewett  5057 mhewett
Bartoo Hall 3181 Dr. Jeremy Wendt 5042 jwendt
Baseball Field House 3945 Matthew Dexter 5057 mmdexter
Bell Hall- Health Services 3320 Leigh Ann Ray 5096 lray
Bell Hall- Nursing 6801 Waldhys Rodoli 5001 wrodoli
Brown Hall 3190 Chris Mills 5014 cmills
Bruner Hall 3629 Paula Engelhardt 5053 engelhar
Bryan Fine Arts 6082 Dr. Colin Hill 5045 cjhill
Clement Hall  3389  Angie Vick 5077  avick
Craft Center 6887 Lee Hildebrand 5106 hhildebrand
Derryberry Hall 3224 Mark Stephens 5136 mstephens
Facilities Complex 3227 Loren Morlote 5041 lmorlote
Fitness Center 6931 Leslie Fralix 5107 LFralix
Foster Hall 3421 Jeff Boles 5055 jboles
Foundation Hall 6301 Kimberly Winkle 5085 kwinkle
Foundry 6527 Kevin Goodwin 5003 kgoodwin
Henderson Hall 3343 Linda Fisk 5053 lfisk
Hooper Eblen Center 3945 Matthew Dexter 5057 mmdexter
Jere Whitson 6174 Jerri Winningham 5097 jwinningham
Johnson Hall 6231 Lelia Gibson 5023 lgibson
Kittrell Hall 3576 Joseph Asante 5062 jasante
Lewis Hall 6527  Kevin Goodwin 5003 kgoodwin
Library 6110  Stuart Gaetjens 5066 sgaetjens
Matthews/Daniel 3560  Stephanie Kazanas 5031 skazanas
Memorial Gym 3539  Christy Killman 5043 ckillman
Oakley Hall 3149  Lisa Rice 5165 lrice
Pennebaker Hall 6258  Chris Brown 5063 cabrown
Prescott Hall 3487  Robert Craven 5032 rcraven
Residence Halls 3414  Josh Edmonds 5016 jedmonds
ROTC 3283  Karen Loftis 5067 kloftis
Southwest Hall 3366 Dylcia Cowan 5176 dcowan
Southwest Hall- Child Development Lab 6262 Angie Smith 5146 angiesmith
Ray Morris Hall (STEM Center) 3786 Gary Bradford 5112 gbradford
Stadiums-East & West 3945 Matthew Dexter 5057 mmdexter
T. J. Farr Building 6558 Lisa Zagumny 5042 lzagumny
Tennis Center 3945 Matthew Dexter 5057 mmdexter
Tech Village 3414 Josh Edmonds 5016 jedmonds
University Center 3924 Ben Stubbs 5156 bstubbs
University Services 3219 Randy McCloud 5041 rmccloud

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