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Grant and Conference

Students traveling abroad for a Conference or doing research with Grant funding are both representing and traveling under the auspices of Tennessee Tech University and therefore must follow the emergency and safety procedures for traveling abroad just like students who are studying abroad. This includes CISE and URECA grants as well as any other funding sources connected with Tennessee Tech. Keep in mind that some of the procedures pertain to individual students traveling abroad and some of them pertain if there is a faculty advisor who is accompanying the students.  If you have questions, please refer to the Faculty-Led Programs Handbook or contact the Center for Global Experiences Staff.

The Travel Advisories must be checked before any travel arrangements are made.

Travel Advisories, The State Department issues travel advisories for each country of the world.  The new advisories are listed as levels 1-4 regarding safety. Information about conditions are listed that may pose risks to the safety of U.S. citizens.  If the country you wish to take students to is at a level one or two, then the Tennessee Tech group can travel. If the country is at a level 3, then the program will have to be reviewed closely by the Provost and the Center for Global Experiences before a decision can be made. Faculty who choose to propose a country with a level 3 advisory must also propose an alternate location for their program. Faculty may not, under any circumstances, take Tennessee Tech students to a country with an advisory level of 4. Please search the status of the country before submitting a proposal.  

Application Procedures

  • Faculty advisor, please submit a roster of the participants to the Center for Global Experiences including name, T# and email
  • Faculty advisor (if planning to travel abroad with students) must complete the online Faculty/Spouse Application
  • Faculty advisor should meet with students before departure to prepare them for the travel abroad experience
  • Students must complete the online Student Application
  • Participants must also complete a Protection of Personal Data Consent (new law for travelers to the European Union)
  • Check passports (make sure passports are valid 6 months beyond the return date) Upload pic to the application or email to 

Final Steps

  • Students must attend an orientation meeting with the Study Abroad Office staff
  • Complete the online Emergency Information Form, Emergency Wallet Cards will be provided before departure
  • Students must register for the STEP Program with the U.S. Department of State and provide verification to the Center for Global Experiences
  • Students must submit a Memo to Request to Travel Abroad and obtain signatures from the Chair of the department, the Dean and the President, and submit a final copy to the Center for Global Experiences.  If students are traveling with the faculty, they can simply be added to the faculty memo.  If there is more than one student traveling to the same location, they can put all names together on one memo.
  • Students must enroll for International Health Insurance and send receipt to the Center for Global Experiences before departure
  • Faculty (if planning to travel abroad with students) must submit the Request to Travel Abroad Memo (sample)- Use department letterhead. Must be signed by the President and other officials.  


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