Application Steps for Faculty-Led Group

  • Go To Meeting

    Go to preliminary meeting to find out the details of the trip and cost.  You may also email the faculty member to get your name on the contact list.  Here is the updated list of current Faculty-Led Programs.

  • Payments

    You will be expected to pay approximately half of the cost of the program in order to secure your spot in the group.  Your faculty leader will give you the deadline dates and the amounts of the deposit, and the 2nd and 3rd payments. 

  • Register

    Make sure you are registered for the corresponding course (the faculty will give you a permit to register for it), and confirm your schedule.

  • Attend group meetings

    You will be expected to attend all group meetings so that you can get to know your Faculty Leaders as well as the other students in the group.  The Faculty Leaders will be giving you a Site-Specific Orientation so that you will know what to expect when you arrive. 

  • Complete Application

    Complete the online Student Application 

    You will need to upload a copy of your passport and your U.S. Health Insurance card (front and back)

  • Consent

    Participants must also complete a Protection of Personal Data Consent (only for groups traveling to Europe)

  • Pre-Departure Orientation

    Tech Pre-Departure Orientation- Students are required to review all orientation materials online and complete the assessment at least one month before departure.

  • On-Site

    Students are expected to follow the Tech Student Conduct Policy (No. 302) as if they were on campus

Note: The Study Abroad Office will enroll the group for the International Health Insurance and email the cards to the Faculty Leaders. 

Emergency Wallet Cards will be given to the Faculty Leaders to distribute before departure.

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