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Leann Yuill in India

The teachers here are incredibly welcoming. They have surrounded me with care and support since day one. They took me into their own homes, invited me to their holiday celebrations, and walked me around their villages. I am constantly reminded, “Please, Leann, if there is anything you ever need or having trouble with, come talk to me!” They greet me with warm hugs and gentle smiles. They always offer to include me if I am sitting alone. I feel like family.

Leann Yuill

Rayna M. Castner

Rayna Castner, an Engineering Technology Major at Tennessee Tech studying abroad in Schweinfurt, Germany.

If you have a passion for cooking, come to Europe. While the international markets in Cookeville have a lot to offer, it is nothing compared to the actual samples to discover in Europe. 

Rayna Castner

Kaitlyn Springer in Ireland

When eating in Ireland, you can expect the general food style to consist of meat-heavy dishes with lots of dairy or butter and some form of potato incorporated into almost every meal. And everything comes with a side of chips (AKA French fries)… Seriously. Even my pizza did.

Kaitlyn Springer

Emma Jones in Costa Rica

“During that time there would be thousands of sea turtles that would come onto the beach and we would work very long hours during that, but it was amazing,” Jones said. “There were turtles everywhere you looked.”

Emma Jones

Kinsey Potter in Valencia, Spain

I had a placement test this morning at my university, and I got placed at an advanced level! So far, I am the only American in the university. There are eight people in my class, and they include students studying Spanish from Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, and Finland. I somehow made it back without a map to the house, and I will now nap until the university takes me on a tour of Valencia and a “tapa” run tonight!

Kinsey Potter


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Emily Bass in France

Tanner Larson and Marshall McReynolds in Greece


Carolina Hatfield in Italy

Robert Ponder in Germany