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Shawn Foster in Finland

If you feel like you want to try something new, I would truly recommend studying abroad in Finland. It is full of great opportunities to learn, but also is a lot of fun. Coming here has given me the chance to be who I want to be, meet incredible new people, and it has shown me what I am capable of.

Shawn Foster

Tech Students Travel to Scotland

This spring break, ten Tech students traveled to Dumfries, Scotland with the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology to improve a primary school’s garden and experience local culture.


Rayna M. Castner

Rayna Castner, an Engineering Technology Major at Tennessee Tech studying abroad in Schweinfurt, Germany.

If you have a passion for cooking, come to Europe. While the international markets in Cookeville have a lot to offer, it is nothing compared to the actual samples to discover in Europe. 

Rayna Castner

Carolina Hatfield in Italy











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