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Costs For Studying Abroad

The cost depends on the type of program that is chosen, the length of stay, the cost of living in the host country, etc. Most of the semester/year long programs offered through Tennessee Tech are exchange placements, which means the students would pay Tennessee Tech tuition. All of the summer programs offered are direct placements, which means the students would simply pay the program cost. Other costs would include airfare, housing, meals, insurance, personal expenses and additional travel. Tennessee Tech offers an Airfare Reimbursement program of up to $1000 if students meet the criteria which can be found in the Scholarships section. Students can also apply for other study abroad scholarships.

Students can also use their Financial Aid while studying abroad, however, they need to check with the Financial Aid office regarding any criteria or scholarship restrictions. In many cases, the program fees for study abroad programs must be paid before the financial aid is released, so students must be prepared to pay the fees in advance.


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