Inexpensive Programs

The programs listed below are the least expensive summer study abroad programs we offer at Tennessee Tech.  Why are they so inexpensive?  Because most of these programs offer 6 credit hours and therefore students can use their HOPE scholarship money to help pay for the cost.  With this benefit in addition to the Airfare Reimbursement program Tennessee Tech offers, you cannot pass these opportunities up!!!!

Law and Justice- Monterey, Mexico- (6 credit hours) Includes housing, cultural visits and airport pickup. ($1300) (sign up through

NRCSA-National Registration Center for Study Abroad - (inexpensive and flexible dates)- Language studies. It has programs in over 43 countries. (Top choice by Tennessee Tech students)

Robotics Summer School Aachen, Germany - (3 credit hours) The 2019 Robotics Summer School will provide the right start kit in the form of robotic hardware and robot operating system (ROS) software.  After some introductory courses, the program transitions into the main tasks of mobile robotics (i.e., perception, localization, navigation).  The program culminates with a competition between participant teams ($1000)

Spanish Language and Mexican Culture Monterey, Mexico(6 credit hours): "Spanish as a Foreign Language" and "Life and Culture in Mexico." ($1800)

Spirit of Europe  Belgium and Germany- (6 credit hours) It includes an exciting three-week program of lectures, workshops, excursions and tours (sign up through

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