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Inexpensive Programs

Below are inexpensive study abroad options for Summer 2021. If you are interested in any of these options, please make an appointment on Tech Connect and we will help you get started on your application!

     MARCH 15th         

  • Germany-Robotics Operating System (ROS) (Updated)

    Robotics Operating System (ROS) Summer School- Aachen University of Applied Sciences

    Last 2 weeks in August (2 credits)

    Note: TTU classes start early this year on August 19th this year so this program will overlap.  

    Cost: $913

    After some introductory courses, the program transitions into the main tasks of mobile robotics (i.e., perception, localization, navigation). The program culminates with a competition between participant teams.  Perfect for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Eng. & Technology majors. (2 credit hours)

  • Germany-German Language and Culture (TBD)

    German Language and Culture-Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

    July 13-25, 2020

    Combines intensive German courses, cultural topics, and recreational activities so that students can get to know life and culture in Germany. (3 credit hours)

    Cost: $560 (includes tuition, housing social & cultural activities, welcome BBQ, farewell dinner)

  • NRCSA- language immersion programs (Updated)

    NRCSA- language immersion programs in a variety of locations

    Language study in over 43 countries.  Inexpensive and flexible dates. TOP CHOICE BY TTU STUDENTS FOR LANGUAGE STUDY!


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