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Internship/Volunteer Programs

  • Animal Care Volunteer Projects Abroad

    Cusco, Peru or Antigua, Guatemala

    2 weeks: $1,078
    4 weeks: $1,596

    Grassroots organizations work to save and rehabilitate a wide range of animals. These project sites focus on providing medical care, education, and various other services to protect innocent animals. They help pets get adopted and placed in loving homes; they make sure wild animals are rehabilitated and when possible released back into their natural habitat; and they advocate for the proper care of farm animals and safe pastures where they can live and roam. Placements are available at a number of these specialized facilities, including dog and cat shelters, wildlife rescue centers, sustainable farms, and even a university-run zoo. Some animal care projects are only available on a limited basis, so please mention your preference when applying.

    For more information, email 

  • Amazon Conservation & Reforestation

    Cusco, Peru

    2 weeks: $1,078
    4 weeks: $1,596

    Participants get involved in planting trees, removing non-native species, monitoring animals, as well as community outreach and education. As a volunteer, you also learn about local tree species and the people of the area. Amazon projects have a clear impact you can directly see, and if you return in just a few years you are able to witness just how much your work literally transforms the area.

    For more information, email 

  • Sea Turtle Conservation

    Antigua, Guatemala or San Jose, Costa Rica

    Guatemala Costa Rica
    2 weeks- $1,078 2 weeks- $1,218
    4 weeks- $1,596 4 weeks- $1,886

    Turtle Conservation projects are located on both the both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Responsibilities and duties vary greatly from project to project. Program supervisors let you work as independently as possible based on your Spanish language skills, commitment level, and expertise. You are expected to take direction and follow the work plan that the conservation project dictates. As an international volunteer, you get involved with hatchery management, beach patrols, beach cleanup, data collection, and community outreach.

    For more information, email 

  • Micro-Business Internship

    Cusco, Peru or Antigua, Guatemala

    4 weeks: $1,896
    8 weeks: $2,692

    Micro-business placements are usually in small, local companies and interns get a great deal of exposure to business practices in the developing world. Internships are focused on Marketing, Sales & Client Service, or Accounting. In many cases, international interns work with in-country entrepreneurs to help them improve their companies and expand their capacity to market to and serve international clients. As an intern, you may also help build international marketing and distribution channels, train staff, provide translations, and improve overall client communications. During your international internship, you gain real-world business experience, increase your knowledge of business vocabulary in Spanish, and improve your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues. You build your professional foundation to become a globally-minded business person.

    Intermediate Spanish is required to be effective in a Micro Business placement. If your Spanish language skills are not at this level our Spanish Immersion program to bring your skills up to the appropriate level.

    For more information, email 

  • Construction & Renovation Building Projects

    Cusco, Peru or Antigua, Guatemala

    2 weeks: $1,078
    4 weeks: $1,596

    Central and South America are especially interesting places to learn about both traditional and more modern building methods. Here you can work with adobe, plaster, and bamboo or cement block, drywall, and aluminum. Construction and renovation work benefits developing communities that need help to create infrastructure such as housing, schools, churches, and community centers.

    Construction programs are led by our professional local foremen in each country. They lead and teach volunteers how to build, cut, mix, paint, and install… how to truly help a community! Your volunteer work is demanding including excavation, painting, mixing cement, laying brick, plastering, and various other activities. You should come with gloves, work boots, safety glasses, and a desire to work hard, pitch in, and accomplish something big!

    For more information, email 

  • Eco-Agriculture in Sustainable Farming

    Cusco, Peru or Antigua, Guatemala

    2 weeks: $1,078
    4 weeks: $1,596

    Eco-agriculture and responsible farming relies on more hands-in-the field than modern industrial farming, and your help is a critical part of achieving sustainability. As an international volunteer, your work may include producing organic coffee from bean to cup, working on macadamia nut and permaculture farms, and helping to grow local tea and cacao in collective farming projects.

    For more information, email 

  • Class plus Internship in London

    London, England through KEI- Knowledge Exchange Institute

    6 weeks- $6950

    Internships allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a commitment of 120 to 200 hours (3 credits). Placement is based on professional interests and availability. Previous placements include Lloyd’s TSB, Accenture Plc, Air France, Working Titles Films and BMW. Actual placement may be with a different organization. Positions are available in the following professional fields.

    Public Relations
    Public Health
    Humanitarian Aid
    International Relations
    Social Work
    Applied Science
    Sports (science, management)


  • More from NRCSA

    The objective of internships is to enhance foreign language and intercultural skills through a structured experiential program. All opportunities will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

    Internships are available in: Arts & Culture, Business Administration, Ecology & Wildlife,  Fashion, Graphic Design,  Interior Design, Marketing, Media, Teaching, Human Resources, IT, Health Care, Public Relations, and Translation.

    See Flyer for more details.

  • ISEP-Variety of locations and majors

    ISEP offers full-time internships in Australia, Belgium, Chile, Shanghai, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and London. (up to 6 credit hours)

    ISEP Internships available

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