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Assessment FAQ

Why are assessments necessary?

University Advancement secures philanthropic resources necessary for our students, faculty, and staff to excel in a highly competitive, technologically driven world. For every dollar invested in University Advancement in 2022, the Tennessee Tech University Foundation raised $9.28 in private gift support. 

Gift assessments help cover the administrative expenses associated with supporting fundraising efforts and processing and managing donations. They allow the Foundation to maximize the impact of each donation by ensuring efficient use of funds, proper management, and strategic allocation for the University’s programs and initiatives.

Are there exceptions to the gift assessment? 

Yes. Donations for capital improvements and athletics will be exempt from the assessment. Moreover, gift-in-kind donations will not incur an assessment unless the donated item is liquidated.

Do other universities take this approach to fund advancement? 

Yes. Many universities and their affiliated foundations apply assessments on donations. The application of assessments on donations is a common practice across various in-state and national educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Do assessments affect the tax-deductible amount of a donor’s gift? 

No. The assessment does not affect the tax deductibility of gifts and you will receive full credit for the total contributed amount.

How will the assessment be applied?

Upon receipt of a gift, the Foundation will deduct a one-time assessment of 5% from the amount gifted. While the assessment will have only a minor effect on individual funds, its collective impact will encourage sustained growth in private support across the University community.

Additional questions?

Please contact Elizabeth Williams at with any questions.

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