Purchasing a Meal Plan: Students

Choose your meal plan today!

  2. Click Enter Secure Banner Web Self Service to log into Eagle Online. Use your T#
    and your Eagle Online PIN. Be sure to include the capital letter “T” in your T#.
  3. Click Student.
  4. Click Registration.
  5. Click Meal Plan Selection.
  6. Select a term.
  7. Use the drop down box to select a meal plan. Click Submit.


Lets Eat
  • Freshmen living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan for their first two semesters of enrollment, excluding summer, and may choose either the Gold 7 Plus, Gold 7, Purple 5 Plus, or the Purple 5 plan.
  • If freshmen residents fail to select a plan, the system will default to the Purple 5 plus.
  • If you do not have a dorm assignment, you will only be allowed to select taxable meal plans.
  • Your taxable/non-taxable status is verified nightly and your taxable charge will be updated as needed.



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