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Child Life

Child Life Students work on completing a project

Child life specialists provide psychosocial care to children and families in stressful situations such as healthcare settings, hospice, rehabilitation centers, and specialized camps. They provide developmentally appropriate interventions to facilitate coping including play, education, and preparation.

The Child Life Program at Tennessee Tech is Endorsed by the Association of Child Life Professionals.  Students who successfully complete the Child Life program will meet the academic coursework requirements to establish eligibility for the Child Life Certification Exam upon graduation.

Application to the Child Life Program at Tennessee Tech University is required and should be made the spring semester after completing HEC 2250 and while enrolled in HEC 2550.

A Certified Child Life Specialist serves as part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team serving children and families during healthcare and stressful experiences. Child life specialists work in various settings including healthcare, hospice, rehabilitation centers, and specialized camps. 

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