Center for Career Development

Co-op Agreement

The following summarizes the expectations for all Tennessee Tech University students seeking a Cooperative Education assignment (or other type of practical work experience) either as part of their program mandate or as a choice for experiential education.

All students must:

  • Accept primary responsibility for obtaining an acceptable cooperative education or internship position. The university is prevented by legal, ethical and educational grounds from “placing” individuals into work assignments.
  • Honor your commitment once you accept a position and work as long as your co-op/internship assignment states. Once you have accepted an offer of employment, it is a contract between you and the employer. You may not renege on an offer of employment once accepted.
  • Conduct yourself in an ethical manner consistent with accepted business ethics and practices.
  • Complete all the requirements of the Cooperative Education Program as determined by the Center for Career Development.
  • Follow all established procedures for reporting and registering your employment to the Center for Career Development Office, and for completing the necessary Co-op Term Reports, upon completion of each co-op assignment.
  • Acknowledge that co-op students are not eligible by law for Unemployment Compensation resulting from their co-op work experience.
  • Notify the Center for Career Development Cooperative Education Coordinator of any change in your academic or employment status or of any problems associated with your co-op/internship work experience.

Expectations while on the job:

  • Abide by the employer guidelines and regulations stated.
  • Report to work regularly and punctually. If you must be absent, follow the stated guidelines by your employer and notify them prior to the beginning of your day.
  • Always conduct yourself in a professional manner and be a productive employee.
  • Dress appropriately for the work environment and expectations of your employer.
  • Always consult your supervisor if you have questions regarding expectations of your responsibilities or conflicts or concerns related to your workplace.
  • When you complete a project or assignment, advise your supervisor and ask for additional work.
  • If at any time you are unclear on how to handle a situation while on your co-op assignment, call the Center for Career Development and speak with your Cooperative Education Coordinator.

* The Tennessee Tech Cooperative Education agreement, professional practices and ethical responsibilities were written with significant assistance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RIT).

Center for Career Development