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The Earth Sciences Department offers four concentrations: Environmental Geology, Geology, Geography, and Geographic Information Systems. Alumni from these programs work in a diverse range of employment sectors, from environmental remediation to city and state planning to responsible resource recovery. A foundational education at TTU balances rigorous coursework with field work and firsthand participation in a research project. Please consider supporting our majors with a financial gift. Donations are used for scholarships, field and conference travel for students, research speakers, and programs that enhance the earth science student experience. 

Thank you,
Dr. Jeannette Luna
Interim Chair, Department of Earth Sciences

Please consider a gift to the Department of Earth Sciences or one of the specific funds listed below. If you wish to donate to Earth Sciences, please click this link and select "Earth Sciences Academic Department" from the dropdown menu. If you prefer to donate to a specific fund, please select "Other" from the dropdown menu and enter the name of the fund. Your gift is truly appreciated!

Earth Science Funding Opportunities

To get started with a donation, consider giving to one of the funds below. 

Earth Sciences Academic Department – Donations to this fund are used to support the geoscience student experience: field trips, guest speakers, student research opportunities, and lab equipment. Funds permitting, this account may also be used for some annual scholarship awards.

Earth Sciences Department Scholarship – Donations to this fund are used to support earth science student scholarships.

Gaspro Geology Endowment – Donations to this fund are used to support geoscience student field trips and conference travel. 

Tennessee Tech Earth Sciences Alumni Scholarship Endowment – Donations to this fund are used to support student scholarships through the Tennessee Tech University Foundation. Both the Peter Helton Scholarship and Earth Sciences Alumni Scholarships are funded by this account. 

Other Fund – Please select this designation if you would like to give to another fund such as the Earth Sciences Equipment Fund, the Shanks-Moran Scholarship Endowment or the Dr. Melvin Owen Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment.

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