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Student Opportunities

Geosciences majors at Tennessee Tech participate in a wide variety of activities. Most geoscience courses go on at least one field trip, and some have several opportunities to do so. Research in the geosciences usually involves being outdoors, so students often find themselves spending themselves spending a lot of their time outside.


The department sponsors the Geoclub, a student organization devoted to the geosciences. It is open to anyone with interest in the Earth, not only geoscience majors. The Geoclub meets in Kittrell Hall. The club raises money for field trips and other activities through fundraisers, including an annual rock sale. For more information, contact the department office at (931) 372-3121.


Geoconclave is a friendly geoscience competition between other geoscience programs at other schools. The students participate in a variety of technical and non-technical events, including: the rock hammer throw, the geode roll, rock and mineral identification and many others. Points are awarded to the team from each school depending on the outcome of each competition. Our majors have done very well in this competition, having won the majority of the 30+ years that the competition has taken place.


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