Earth Sciences

Geoscience Concentrations


The Geology concentration is intended to prepare students for graduate programs, field-oriented careers, or employment in the petroleum industry. This concentration gives students a solid foundation within many geologic disciplines. Students have numerous opportunities to go on field trips and work on independent research projects.

Geology curriculum

Geographic Information Systems

The GIS concentration is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in industry or government. In addition, the concentration provides a basic understanding of GIS/remote sensing for those students who desire to enter a graduate program. With GIS becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives, job opportunities in this field are rapidly increasing. Not sure what a GIS is? Have you ever used Mapquest, Google Maps, or Google Earth? Ever driven a car with a GPS navigation system? These are examples of the many applications of a GIS.

GIS curriculum

Environmental Geology

The Environmental Geology concentration is designed to prepare graduates for immediate access to entry-level positions in environmental companies. Graduates in Environmental Geology become qualified to work in several environmental fields including groundwater remediation, site planning and development, stream restoration, and hazards assessment.

Environmental geology curriculum


The Geography concentration prepares students for work in the private sector, government, or in teaching. Graduates in the Geography concentration will have diverse career opportunities in fields such as regional and city planning, intelligence analysis, and water resource planning. Although not a degree in meteorology, it is the concentration that includes the most courses in weather and climate.

Geography curriculum

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