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Foreign Languages

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Martin Sheehan, Interim Chair and Associate Professor of German

Dr. Deborah Barnard, Associate Professor of French

Dr. Mark Groundland, Associate Professor of Spanish

Dr. Julia Gruber, Associate Professor of German

Mrs. Maria Christina Humita, Instructor of Spanish

Dr. Michael Olsen, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Mr. John Turvaville, Adjunct Instructor of French

Dr. Manuel Villalba, Associate Professor of Spanish

Ms. Pamela Kirkpatrick, Administrative Associate 3

Retired Faculty

Dr. Karen Burdette, Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Emerita

Dr. Phillip Campana, Professor of German, Emeritus; Dept. of Foreign Languages Chair, 1970-2003

Dr. Eston Evans, Professor of German, Emeritus

Dr. Gilbert Fernandez, Professor of History and Spanish, Emeritus

Dr. Colleen Hays, Associate Professor of French

Dr. Robert F. Jones, Professor of French, Emeritus

Dr. Kenneth Kintz, Associate Professor of French, Emeritus

Dr. Marketta Laurila, Professor Spanish, Emerita; Dept. of Foreign Languages Chair, 2004-2014

Dr. Claire Saint-Leon, Professor of French, Emerita

Juanita Shettlesworth, Associate Professor of Spanish, Emerita

Dr. Heidemarie Weidner, Professor of English and German, Emerita


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