General Education

What is General Education?

General education, the foundation of the undergraduate collegiate experience, encompasses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that are obtained from studies in communication, mathematics, social and natural sciences, and humanities. General education is unbounded by academic disciplines and honors the relationships among bodies of knowledge. General education develops the cognitive process of reasoning essential for effective functioning and self-directed learning. 

General education provides opportunities for the student:

    • to think logically, critically, and creatively;
    • to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
    • to read extensively and perceptively;
    • to explore moral and aesthetic values, social relationships, and critical thinking through the humanities;
    • to understand the importance of key social institutions, ethics and values, and how individuals influence events and function with others in these institutions throughout the world;
    • to appreciate creative and aesthetic expressions along with their impact on individuals and cultures;
    • to express, define, and logically explore questions about the world through mathematics;
    • to use computer technology to communicate and to solve problems;
    • to use acquired facts, concepts, and principles of the physical and natural sciences in applying the scientific process to natural phenomena;
    • to perceive the importance of wellness and values in human life;
    • to manifest a commitment to life long learning.

These outcomes will be acquired in the general education requirements with additional depth obtained in the curriculum of the major and through participation in extracurricular activities.

General education at Tennessee Tech consists of the following categories:

Communication: 9 semester hours, including six (6) semester hours of English composition and three (3) semester hours in English oral presentational communication
Humanities/Fine Arts: 9 semester hours, including one course in literature
Social/Behavioral Sciences: 6 semester hours
History: 6 semester hours
Natural Sciences: 8 semester hours
Mathematics: 3 semester hours

Courses that meet general education requirements may be found here: General Education Requirements for Undergraduate Degree 

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