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Applying To Professional School


In most cases you will want to apply to more than one professional school. They all require at least three recommendations. You should have a portfolio prepared to use for all schools. AAMC Medical School Recommended Timeline for applying. When you get ready to apply for professional school (1 to 1-1/2 years before actually going to the institution) do the following:

Start by visiting the pre-professional office in Foster Hall, Room 205. They will explain the procedure in detail. They will give you evaluation sheets to take to at least three professors. (Usually: 1 chemistry, 1 biology, and 1 other, as a minimum for all schools).
NOTE: Make sure you get to know the professors well enough to get a decent recommendation from them.

  • Encourage the professors to get the evaluation forms/letters back to the pre-professional office as soon as possible. You must sign the forms indicating whether you want to review them or not and, generally, it is better to trust the professor without checking it. These evaluations will be compiled together into a committee packet.
  • Set up a time for the committee interview with our advisors to make sure everything is in order. It has been good for both advisors and applicants to uncover things that need to be done, and it is a good practice for the interview which you hope to get at the school. Such things as attendance in class, Chem-Med Club, activity within the department, and anything else we think will help your candidacy will be considered.
  • Once you have completed the committee interview, the committee letter will be placed within the committee packet and sent to your school/s of choice.
    Please tell our office when you get into professional school so we can keep a record of your/TTU's successes. Some schools will send us a list of Tennessee Tech students who have been admitted, but others will not. Most students will be heard in the halls after being accepted - it really is a celebration!


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