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Pre-Dental Hygiene

The minimum requirement for admission into a dental hygiene school offering a Bachelor of Science degree is two years of undergraduate coursework, however, some students will have completed three or more years of coursework prior to being accepted into a dental hygiene program. The following options exist at Tennessee Tech:

(1) complete two years of undergraduate work including specific dental hygiene school requirements at Tennessee Tech, apply and if admitted, complete the clinical program and receive a Bachelor of Science degree from dental hygiene school (no degree from Tennessee Tech),

(2) complete three years of specified courses in the pre dental hygiene concentration of the "Applied Chemistry" Curriculum at Tennessee Tech, apply, and if admitted, receive a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Tennessee Tech after successfully completing one year of dental hygiene school (a Bachelor of Science degree is awarded from the dental hygiene school after completion of the clinical program), or

(3) begin in the Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum (non-degree) at Tennessee Tech and later change major into a degree granting curriculum to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Tennessee Tech, then apply for admission into dental hygiene school.

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