Health Sciences Career Tracks

Pre-Medicine Career Track

Medical schools accept any major, so students are encouraged to explore a major according to his/her interests and strengths.

While pursuing a bachelor's degree at Tennessee Tech, students can follow the suggested career track coursework and engage in related co-curricular activities to prepare for the graduate professional school of their choice.

Pre-Medicine Suggested Career Track Coursework

TN Tech Degree Requirements:

Preparing for the MCAT:

Professional Websites:

Medical Schools with Successful Tennessee Tech Graduates:

Explore Osteopathic Medicine


What do I need to know about the MCAT?
All the important MCAT information can be found online at the MCAT FAQ page.

How can I prepare for the MCAT?
Our advisors recommend reviewing the AAMC Topic Outlines (for the 2011-2014 MCAT) and the official MCAT guide (~$30) while you study for your courses at Tennessee Tech. Our students have found these resources and the free online resources available at are helpful.

What is a typical timeline for applying to medical school?
The typical timeline is described in the official AAMC webpage. Our Tennessee Tech pre-professional faculty advisors understand that many students will follow an "atypical timeline," and we welcome you to our office to discuss your particular needs and goals.

What activities will help me get into medical school?
Click here to view advice from Dr. Jonathan Leo, one of our many favorite campus visitors, Associate Professor of Neuroanatomy & Associate Dean of Students at Lincoln Memorial University.

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