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Brelyn Grant Brelyn Grant
B.S. Math

"Hello! My name is Brelyn Grant, and I attended Tennessee Tech from 2016 to 2020. After I graduated from Tech with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science, I went on to work full-time at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

"At TVA, I started as an intern, was hired full-time as an operations analyst, and later moved into a role working in physical asset management. In these positions, I have been able to leverage data to bring insight and value to the organization. One key element of my position is understanding the impact of data on people and processes within the business. So far, my career has been filled with interesting challenges, plenty of travel, and opportunities to learn.

"My time at Tech has absolutely prepared me for my professional life. As a math major, we learned to think critically and objectively through a variety of problems. The foundation of logic and reasoning provides a launchpad for finding elegant solutions to issues facing any industry. The diversity of classes offered at Tennessee Tech is one of the biggest strengths of the university. From defending an abstract algebra proof at the chalkboard, to elaborating on practical applications of statistics, students are encouraged to employ a variety of skills in their classes. The Math department has a special Fast Track program, which allows students to take master-level classes while in undergraduate. I chose to enter the program, and it broadened and deepened my knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Major-specific courses along with general education and elective courses give everyone the opportunity to round out gaps and improve their knowledge in different areas. For example, I benefited by taking courses in computer science. These courses offered great synergy with my math degree and gave me a strong background to work with data.

"Within the Math Department, I was also able to do research on maximum likelihood estimators with Dr. Machida. This research has been very useful in my time at TVA, and I have been able to employ these techniques in business contexts. Having the opportunity to research and contribute to a field of study while earning a degree is a huge perk that is readily accessible at Tennessee Tech. Tennessee Tech also has a variety of opportunities to interface with businesses who are interested in hiring interns and full-time employees. I got my opportunity at TVA by going to a job fair and visiting TVA’s booth.

"Overall, Tennessee Tech offers students a great foundation for jobs after graduation. They provide students with opportunities, and they support them throughout their studies. All the while, they keep education affordable, offering a great value and return-on-investment. I would highly recommend Tennessee Tech and the Math Department to students who are looking for broad exposure to topics in their chosen field along with a personal approach to education." Brelyn Grant.

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