Career Opportunities

What can you do with a degree in physics?

The answer to this question is - Career Optionsalmost anything! Physics majors pursue a wide variety of career paths, many of which are not what you might expect. (Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.) While many careers do not involve direct use of physics ideas, the critical thinking skills you develop while studying physics give you an advantage in any field. For example, studies have shown that physics majors are among the top scorers on the entrance exams for both medical school and law school (MCAT and LSAT).

Of course, many physics graduates do Employment sectorsenter technical fields, such as engineering, computer or information systems, and other closely related STEM fields. However, over 25% of physics degree holders enter non-STEM fields. New physics graduates enter the workforce with widely varying job titles, and are employed right across the nation, and internationally.

About 75% of Tennessee Tech physics graduates move on to graduate school in various fields of physics or engineering. However, others have entered employment as technicians, teachers, management, or even started their own business.

The Society of Physics Students careers toolbox logo(SPS) provides a very useful Careers Toolbox that allows you to explore the career opportunities for physics graduates.
The American Institute of Physics also provides information about the employment of physics graduates.

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