Faculty and Staff of Physics Department

Physics Department Personnel

The Tennessee Tech Physics department has nine full-time faculty members, an equipment technician, and an administrative associate.  Brief contact information is listed below. Use the links to find out more or send an email.


Name Position Office email Phone
Linda Kreis Admin. Assoc. FNDH 219B lkreis@tntech.edu (931) 372-3483
Liz Walker Equip. Tech. FNDH 168 ewalker@tntech.edu (931) 372-3534



Name Position Office email Phone
Sakir Ayik Professor FNDH 212B ayik@tntech.edu (931) 372-3156
Paula Engelhardt Assoc. Prof. FNDH 212A engelhar@tntech.edu (931) 372-3629
Robert Engelhardt Instructor FNDH 212A rtengel@tntech.edu (931) 372-3785
Adam Holley Assoc. Prof. FNDH 212A aholley@tntech.edu (931) 372-3145
Mary Kidd Assoc. Prof. FNDH 212B mkidd@tntech.edu (931) 372-3477
Ray Kozub Professor FNDH 218C rkozub@tntech.edu (931) 372-3479
Mustafa Rajabali Assoc. Prof. FNDH 212B mrajabali@tntech.edu (931) 372-3044
Steve Robinson Prof. & Chair FNDH 219B sjrobinson@tntech.edu (931) 372-3480
John Shriner Professor FNDH 218C jshriner@tntech.edu (931) 372-3481


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. John C. Wells
Dr. David P. Murdock
Dr. Krishna Kumar
Dr. Fred Culp

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