Buildings and Grounds Committee


The University Committee on Buildings and Grounds serves as an advisory unit to the President and the Administrative Council regarding the physical facilities of the University. The Committee is concerned with policy matters affecting the development, modification, and use of the physical facilities as contrasted with staff functions of day-to-day operations.  The Committee's involvement includes construction, maintenance, landscaping, parking and traffic, and campus security.  The Committee serves as a channel of communications among faculty members, administrators, staff, and the students, both as to origination of plans and ideas, and in reporting on development plans. The Committee constitutes the official study group of the University to investigate and recommend on plans and proposals affecting the physical plant, including housing as well as academic structures, parking areas, and streets for optimum use in the total program of the University.  Matters considered appropriate for action by the Committee would include, inter alia, the following:

A. Priorities for new construction and major renovations, including programs to improve utilization such as those modifications necessary to assist the handicapped.

B. Maintenance conditions as they affect the overall performance of students, faculty, administration and staff.

C. Campus security concerns.

D. Vehicular traffic and parking patterns with appropriate signs and devices and the facilities and safety regulations related thereto.

E. Utilization and preservation of major “green” areas.

F. Campus beautification programs and priorities. 


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