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Student Engagement

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to volunteer? Sign up for one of our active projects for one-time or short-term opportunities, or check out our community partners for longer-term opportunities!

Active Projects

Active Service Projects are service events going on that require student volunteers to help make the event possible for the public.  Partnering agencies request volunteers and all requests are posted here. The benefits of choosing active (random) projects are that you can get quite a few hours in one day or one weekend as well as you will get a very eclectic volunteer experience, networking with multiple nonprofit professionals.  Learn More ›

Community Partners

Community Partners are nonprofit organizations and programs the university is partnered with for students to have volunteer opportunities with during their college experiences. The benefits of choosing to volunteer with a community partner are that you can typically have a set schedule for your volunteer work as well as you really get to know about the organization, get to know the staff and become more invested in their mission.  Learn More ›

Active Service Projects and Programs

Habitat for Humanity

ReStore: Tue - Sat. | 9am - 4pm | (most needed are Saturdays)
Current Home Build:  TBA (on Habitat's website, link below)


You can sign up directly with the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator!

Oliver, Volunteer Coordinator

You can also sign up for volunteer opportunities online. On the Habitat for Humanity website, click “Volunteer” to see current volunteer opportunities available wth Habitat for Humanity. Once application has been submitted,  the volunteer coordinator will reach out with further instructions.  

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Opportunities

Community Partner Programs

Interested in finding a long-term volunteer opportunity that suits your skills and interests? Volunteer opportunities are listed by county through Help First.  Click “Putnam County” to view local options and browse organizations and programs by the social issues and/or community needs that they support! While searching for the best-fitting option for you, keep your career path in mind and consider choosing something that will enhance your resume.



Community Partner Verification

Non-profit organizations or programs needing to provide verification can do so using the form below. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance!


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