Course Information

ENTR 4500 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Lean Launchpad

Name of Instructor: Curtis Armstrong
Office Number: 306 Johnson Hall
Office Phone: 372-3160

Prerequisites: Approval of Instructor and Junior or Senior Standing

Text and References: Lean Launchpad videos and access to the Launchpad Central web site.

Course Description: ENTR 4500 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Lean Launchpad focuses on innovating and evolving a product or service into a viable business model. The curriculum is structured around the Lean Launchpad program where student teams organize and develop their “business canvas.” Students must have junior or senior standing or approval of the instructor.

Course Objectives: Students are expected to

  • Develop a business idea into a viable business model
  • Identify the value proposition of the product or service
  • Specify the customer segment
  • Specify the cost structure and revenue streams
  • Determine a Go/No Go decision on the innovation based on its viability in the marketplace.

These objectives are related to Learning Objective 1.1 of the College of Business – Business Core Skills and Knowledge. The primary assessment methods are testing and presentations.

Teaching Method: Lecture, class discussion, hands-on exercises, and problem solving.


Component Percentage of Course Average

Test 1 20%

Test 2 20%

Business Model Canvas Development 40%

Presentations 20%

Course Average Letter Grade

90-100 A

80-89.9 B

70-79.9 C

60-69.9 D

Below 60 F

Academic Misconduct: Any act of dishonesty in any work (copying assignments, cheating on exams, plagiarism, etc) constitutes academic misconduct. Acts of academic misconduct will be addressed in accordance with university policy.

Disability Accommodation: Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Accommodation Request (AR) should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of the course. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center, Room 112; phone 931-372-6119. (Disability Accommodation Policy and Procedures - Tennessee Tech University Faculty Handbook and Student.

Topics covered:

  • Key Partners
  • Key Activities
  • Key Resources
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels
  • Customer Segments
  • Cost Structure
  • Revenue Streams

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