Civil & Environmental Engineering

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Graduates should demonstrate the ability for early career professional growth based on their grasp of fundamental concepts in civil engineering.
    Within the first few years after graduation, CEE graduates should be employed by an organization that serves the profession or enrolled in postgraduate studies. They should be participating in engineering practice or in a profession that utilizes their academic foundation.
  2. Graduates should utilize knowledge and skills to participate in civil engineering design and/or management processes.
    About five years beyond graduation, CEE graduates should be participating effectively in design processes and developing civil engineering solutions within a team setting. They are expected to be engaged in management and leadership roles for civil engineering projects and to assume positions of greater responsibility to the profession and public.
  3. Graduates should develop professionally through a commitment to life-long learning.
    At all stages, CEE graduates should exhibit their potential for a sustained productive career through life-long learning. They should continue the professional registration process.

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