General and Basic Engineering

About General and Basic Engineering


  • To provide a high-quality, uniform first-year program of study for the Basic Engineering Program.
  • To prepare the Bachelor of Science in Engineering students to support a broad area of engineering needs at small- and medium-sized enterprises.
  • To provide administrative and other support services to all departments in the College of Engineering.

Academic and Administrative Support

The General and Basic Engineering Department also provides academic support to the degree-granting programs in the College of Engineering through a set of courses that are taken by their students.

  • ENGR 1020 - Connections to Engineering and Technology
  • ENGR 1110 - Engineering Graphics
  • ENGR 1120 - Programming for Engineers, MATLAB Language
  • ENGR 3120 - Solid Modeling
  • ENGR 4510 - Engineering Management
  • ENGR 5250 - Technical Communications for Engineers

The administrative support functions vary by degree-granting program and includes the following.

  • recruiting activities
  • registration activities
  • transfer credit evaluation
  • student records management
  • use of the department computer lab for course administration

Other support functions are provide to College of Engineering students.

  • Operation of an computer lab, open 6 days a week
  • Printing of technical posters

Continuous Improvement

Assessment Methods

  1. Retention rate of BE majors after the freshmen year
  2. Percent BE majors changing into an engineering-specific major after the freshmen year

Process for Analyzing and Using Assessment Results

Activities within the General and Basic Engineering Program are reviewed by the several departments in the College of Engineering as to quality and to meeting the needs of the various majors. Recommendations for new activities and/or modifications to the Program are discussed by representatives from the several departments and the BE Program, with proposed changes being shared with the Dean of the College of Engineering.

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