General and Basic Engineering

Program Education Objectives

  1. Serve engineering needs in East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and broader markets, especially in companies which may have very few degreed engineers.
  2. Collaborate with non-engineers or discipline-specific engineers or both because of the general engineering background.
  3. Demonstrate career and professional growth as an engineer.

As public universities in Tennessee, TTU and ETSU are committed to serving engineering needs in East and Middle Tennessee, as well as broader markets within Tennessee and neighboring states. Beyond the Southeast region, graduates of the Joint BSE Program will be able to work and contribute in national and international communities.

As generalists, graduates of the Joint BSE Program will be able to work with non-engineers and discipline-specific engineers, such as mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers. In some cases, the BSE graduate may be the only degreed engineer onsite, while in other cases, the BSE graduate will team with other engineers and technologists in a much larger technical setting.

Every engineer should demonstrate career and professional growth through job progression, promotion, leadership, etc. and through activities such as pursuing professional engineering licensure, engaging in graduate study, participating in continuing professional education, and participating in professional engineering societies and other relevant organizations. 

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