Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

The “Maker” Degree​.

Do you consider yourself to be a “maker?” Do you like to get your hands dirty, learn better by doing and love combining technology with hands-on skills like fabricating to solve problems or make things? A degree in Manufacturing and Engineering Technology might be for you.

Manufacturing and Engineering Technology is an alternative path for students who want a more hands-on engineering career. Engineering technology programs focus on technical skills and laboratory experience to gain extensive knowledge of the equipment, materials, and processes needed to design and implement solutions. Less math, more making.

Students in our MET program learn the equipment and processes in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, robotics, fixture and tooling design, additive manufacturing (3D printing), metal casting and materials science. MET majors can also choose to specialize with two concentrations:

  • Engineering Technology Management, in which you will learn the management, operation and maintenance of complex technology systems to become a well-qualified technical manager in business, industry, education and government, contributing to better product reliability and efficiency and improved productivity.

  • Mechatronics, a multidisciplinary field that deals with the design of products whose function relies on the integration of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components connected by a control scheme. Mechatronics is a vital component in advanced manufacturing and automation, and in modern product design such as robots, driverless cars, and other smart machines.

Plus, Tennessee Tech is one of only 19 institutions in the U.S. to have an educational foundry certified by the Foundry Educational Foundation, making our graduates highly competitive in the $44 billion global metal casting industry.

Immediately Employable.

Students working with Collaborative robot 'Sawyer' in the robotics labThe time has never been better to earn a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. The modern manufacturing industry has become one of the fastest-growing career fields as manufacturers increasingly use smart technologies and the need for automation grows. Our graduates are in high demand, and salaries are soaring. Our MET alumni are industrial leaders who manage people, equipment, and production resources. With access to a foundry, our MET graduates are also highly competitive in the $44 billion metalcasting industry.

Network For Your Future.

Students talking with industry representatives at the annual engineering career fairPart of becoming an engineering technologist is learning to work within a team of engineers, designers, operators, and managers. Student organizations can give you an opportunity to work with others in your major or across disciplines on fun projects while also networking with future employers, faculty experts, and industry leaders. Check out opportunities in NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge, the American Foundry Society, or the Society for Manufacturing Engineers.


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