Wireless Networking Systems (WNS) Laboratory

The lab is run by Dr. Guo. The lab is equipped with essential and advanced equipment accumulated in the last decade. The majority of facilities are housed in three lab rooms and the RF anechoic chamber is set in a separate room.

Major Instruments:

Tektronix AWG7122B Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix DPO72004 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Tektronix CSA 8000 Communications Signal Analyzer with Tektronix 80E03 Sampling Module (2 modules)
Tektronix MSO2024 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: Digital Phosphor, 200 MHz, 1 GS/s, 1M record length, 4+16-ch
Agilent N5230A PNA-L Network Analyzer
Agilent 16803A Logical Analyzer
Agilent 33220A Function Generator
Agilent N9342C/TG7/0B0 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 100 KHz to 7.0 GHz, With Tracking Generator
Rohde & Schwarz FSEM 20 Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 03B Signal Generator
Picosecond 3600 Pulse Generator
USRP2 GNU radio platform (80 sets)
GPS kit for synchronization (48 sets)
Indoor GPS repeater
Wireless Open Access Research Platform (WARP) (8 sets)
Lyrtech SFF SDR Development Platform (2 sets)
Microsoft Research Software Radio (Sora) platform with XPS quad-core computer (2 sets)

Wireless Lab

Wireless lab

Wireless lab

Wireless lab

Wireless labWireless lab


Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

Dr. William Eberle is a co-Director of the lab. This lab currently includes a multi-core, multi-processor high-speed blade, with access to a 7-terabyte high-speed disk. All of the equipment is maintained by a full-time staff member who is dedicated to supporting the laboratories.

Knowledge Lab


Embedded Systems Design and Hardware Security Lab

The lab is run by Dr. Hasan. The Embedded Systems research lab at TTU is fully operational with 7 PCs running state-of-the art FPGA embedded system design tools. The lab also has software/hardware network sensing and traffic generation tools for Network protocols. The lab has 15 FPGA reconfigurable prototype boards. The ECE Computer Aided Design (CAD) labs currently contain 29 Windows workstations managed by the TTU Information Technology Services (ITS). The lab also has electronic design automation tools from Cadence, and Mentor Graphics.

Embedded Lab


Network Security and Privacy (NetSec) Lab

The lab is founded by Dr. Mahmoud. NetSec lab's equipment includes two printers, six PC computers, and one server. The printers are HP LaserJet M521 PCL6 and Dell 5210n. E ach PC computer has 8 GB Ram, 64 bit operating systems, Intel Core i5 2.9 GHz, and 500GB hard disk. The server is Lenovo that has Windows server 2012, 16GB, Intel Xeon CPU E5-2420, and 2.2 GHz (two processors). All of the equipment is maintained by full-time staff members.

Network Security Lab

Network Security Lab



The Smart Grid Lab

The smart grid lab is a newly developed smart grid infrastructure prototype capable of hardware simulation of more than 150-bus systems and more than 20 generators can be synchronized to the system. The system can also allow the integration of renewable energy systems such as wind and solar. With generating power of more than 150kW, the infrastructure is unique in size and power in the US academia.

Smart Grid Lab

Smart Grid Lab

Smart Grid Lab

Smart Grid Lab


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