Smart Manufacturing Security

Project (7): Smart Manufacturing Security

Smart manufacturing, accompanied by Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, aims at transforming traditional manufacturing to increase digitization and interconnection of production processes, value chains, and business models. Smart manufacturing is a composition of many aspects including cybersecurity. In this project, the REU students will conduct the following research.

Secure Access and Joint Detection of Faults and Intrusions in Connected Machinery System

One of the industrial trends is to have all related systems inter-connected for real-time monitoring and increase of overall production efficiency. This trend leads to both opportunities and challenges, especially in cybersecurity aspect. This project aims at 1) making use of the same data stream to detect both faults and intrusions, and 2) securing the access to the system. 

Based on a previously developed research platform, the REU team will need to work on connecting sensor, strengthening data access security, generating testing dataset, developing detection algorithms, and demonstrating a working system that has both hardware and software. Throughout the project period, the team will be encouraged to identify security vulnerability, propose solutions and implement them (if possible).

Qualifications: EE, CmpE or CmpSci major; Python and programming skill; it’s a plus to have basic knowledge of IoT and cybersecurity.

Mentor: Dr. Guo ( and TBD (TBD)

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