College of Fine Arts

Greetings from the College of Fine Arts!

PortraitI am very pleased to welcome students, their families, and all of our visitors to Tennessee Tech's NEW College of Fine Arts.

Our nationally accredited School of Art, Craft & Design and School of Music are internationally recognized for the long-standing excellence of their undergraduate alumni. Graduates are leaders in the fields of visual art, musical performance, art and music education. 

We are thrilled to be able to offer these impactful degrees and programs within their own college. The facilities and technologies are cutting-edge, while also promoting tradition, technique, and learning strategies in the art studios, recital halls, and K-12 education labs.

Please check out the current calendars for info about shows, exhibitions, concerts and recitals - there's always something to see, hear and experience!

All the best,

Jennifer S. Shank, Dean